ARForum19 Insights - August 2019
Accreditation Review Forum 2019 Recap
After 18 months of planning, ARForum19 finally kicked off in Chicago with more than 100 participants! Bruce Mau’s thought-provoking keynote presentation launched the event and continued to inspire everyone over the next two days. Working groups of six people discussed a range of topics and then reported out to the larger group between sessions. By all accounts, the forum was a resounding success, and the NAAB is excited about the positive direction of the 2020 Conditions and Procedures for Accreditation . The NAAB is encouraged by the feedback it has received so far:

[ARForum19] was an amazing interchange of ideas between the complete boards of each collateral. Our collateral relationships are the best that I have witnessed in the 14 years that I have been privileged to be a part of. And your big idea of bringing us all together to discuss this important concept of change in the Procedures and Conditions I believe strengthened these relationships.

I believe that some very important changes to the accreditation process will take place from the work done at the forum and with more input from each collaterals in the next version.
-Terry L. Allers, FAIA, NCARB
 NCARB President

It was a pleasure and a privilege to attend the Accreditation Forum in Chicago. Everything was well planned and executed. I truly enjoyed the debates and conversations and look forward to the final product.
-Paco Javier Rodríguez-Suárez, FAIA
 ACSA Past-President

Following the forum, the NAAB convened a small writing team, composed of members from the Steering Committee and Task Force. This team will consider the outcomes from the forum and all public comments to develop “Draft 1” of the 2020 Conditions and Procedures . Following a review of the documents by the NAAB directors on September 4, 2019, the “Draft 1” documents will be released for a 75-day public comment and review period on September 9, 2019.

The NAAB would like to thank everyone who participated in this process—the Steering Committee and Task Force, who worked for well over a year to prepare for this gathering; our wonderful facilitation team from the Intersol Group; and the collateral boards of directors and invited guests—all of whom came to Chicago eager to discuss the future of architecture education and willing to trust the NAAB to shepherd this undertaking.
Looking Forward | Providing Feedback
This newsletter is published on the first Monday of the month. Due to Labor Day, the September edition will be published on September 9, 2019, instead. It will include the “Draft 1” Conditions and Procedures documents and the schedule for the public comment and review period. We welcome your feedback as this process moves forward and encourage you to send your comments to .