ARForum19 Insights - September 2019
2020 Conditions and Procedures "Draft 1"
The NAAB has released “draft 1” versions of the  2020 Conditions for Accreditation  and the  2020 Procedures for Accreditation  for a 75-day public comment and review period. In addition, the NAAB has released a supporting document of three diagrams to further explain the thinking of the 2020 Conditions for Accreditation .

The “draft 1” documents reflect input from public comments on “draft 0” and the discussions at ARForum19. Please send comments to  by November 22, 2019.
"Draft 1" Webinars
The NAAB is hosting two public, 90-minute webinars to discuss the "draft 1" Conditions and Procedures with stakeholders. Program directors were invited to these webinars via email, and anyone interested in attending may email to request information on how to attend. The webinars are scheduled for:

  1. Thursday, September 26, 3:00-4:30 p.m. eastern
  2. Friday, October 25, 3:00-4:30 p.m. eastern
Looking Forward | Providing Feedback
This newsletter is published on the first Monday of the month. The October 7 edition will include information and reminders of how to engage with the NAAB during the public comment and review period. We welcome your feedback as this process moves forward and encourage you to send your comments to .