Monthly News |January 2020

We hope the start of the new decade has been a good one for you and your family. As you can imagine, the Autism Research Institute (ARI) has many plans for 2020. We will continue to keep the autism community posted about our new initiatives and programs through our website, , and our e-newsletters. Stay tuned!
I would like to thank those who contributed to ARI during our end-of-the-year campaign as well as those who have supported us throughout the year!

Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Research Updates
Advanced aging, multiple comorbidities seen in middle-aged adults with combined ASD and ID
Recent research found a large range of comorbidities in adults with autism, including gastrointestinal disorders and mental and neurological diseases. The severity of the comorbidity burden associated with premature aging in adults with ASD and ID highlights the crucial need for personalized medical care.
A new study, Genome, Environment, Microbiome and Metabolome in Autism (GEMMA), seeks participants
GEMMA seeks to understand the role that our genes, gut microbiome, and environmental factors play in the development of autism. Researchers are recruiting infants 0-6 months of age who have a sibling diagnosed with ASD. Enrollment runs through Jan. 13.
ARI Happenings
Participate in Research
We are committed to connecting research study teams to members of the community. You or a loved one may be eligible to participate.
Invisible Wall - Updated from Master
"The Invisible Wall" was released in 1968. ARI recently received an updated, digital version extracted from the original master. ARI founder Bernard Rimland's interview, interspersed throughout, touches on many topics, including evidence pointing to an organic, rather than a psychological cause.
Research we fund
ARI conducts, sponsors, and supports research on the underlying causes of, and treatments for, autism. In order to provide parents and professionals with an independent, unbiased assessment of causation and treatment efficacy issues, ARI seeks no financial support from government agencies or drug manufacturers.
Free Webinars Resume Next Week
Free Webinar 1/13:
Gene-Environment Interactions in Autism: Research Updates
Learn about research exploring specific gene-environment interactions that may increase risk for ASD and to understand their mechanisms of action.
Free Webinar 1/22:
Research Updates on Non-Psychoactive Cannabis Use in ASD
Learn about emerging research on the potential effectiveness of cannabidivarin (CBDV) on irritability and repetitive behaviors in children with ASD.
Making a Difference in 2020 and Beyond
Research is the Key to the Future 
We're moving research forward
When you support us you send a message that you care about ARI's independent legacy, and value objective research conducted free of influence. We know you hear from many worthy charities—thanks for keeping ARI on your list.
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