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March 16, 2015 
Message from the ARIN President

Greetings to all!


I would like to thank everyone that attended the GMARE convention. It was a great turnout and I believe everyone enjoyed themselves. I would like to specially thank all our vendors, who continue to support our conventions, Andersen Wrecking and Alter Metal Recycling to opening their yards to us! We appreciate all the support and hard work from all our members that are able to make this expo successful. I would also like to thank Lindsay Long for organizing our convention; the meetings, decorations, registrations and all the little things that made this event possible. 


We're going to start brainstorming on ideas for next year in Lincoln. If you have any special speakers or education you would like to see for your employees, please get us your ideas. Our Association management is taking care of our organization, but we need to help them by sharing our ideas and needs for future events. If you want to be on the planning committee this year, let me know. We will have our first call in April to get our dates set up.


DJ Harrington, Car-Diologist, gave us some great ideas to improve our membership. Attached here, is a list of many licensed salvage dealers in Nebraska.Take a minute or two and call one asking them if they know the association and we can help them be updated on issues going on within our industry.


Also, remember we have the possibility of our summer convention being in Des Monies, Iowa at the IRA Expo. More details will be announced in April!


Thanks again for all you do! Looking forward to hearing from you all!


Lisa Bartz

Automotive Recycling Industry of Nebraska President

Greater Midwest Automotive Recyclers Exposition Recap

The Greater Midwest Automotive Recyclers Exposition is a gathering that brings wrecker, salvage dealers, and suppliers together to connect with the automotive recycling community. The exposition hosted by Automotive Recycling Industry of Nebraska was on March 5-7, 2015 in Kearney, Nebraska. The industry crowd were able to meet and discuss with different vendors and fellow recyclers from all over the United States.

he attendees began their day with touring Andersen Self-Service, Andersen Wrecking Company, and CMI/Alter Metal Recycling in Kearney. The tour was an opportunity for attendees to see their peer's yards and develop ideas to possibly implement at their own operation. The evening began with the opening of the vendor exhibits and social hour, banquet and auction. During the evening, the annual John Ruggerio Scholarship winners were announced. This year's recipients are Caitlin Bartz and Levi Cornwell both from Grand Island, Nebraska.


The keynote speaker of the event was, DJ Harrington, the Car-Dialogist with Phone Logic. Harrington covered an array of topics for the participants work on within their business such as telephone skills, prospecting, sales, and customer service.  DJ's sales experience and motivation brought an uplifting performance to the 2015 exposition.


John Parker, with Reikes Equipment in Grand Island, Nebraska provided an education session on the importance of workplace safety. It opened up the attendee's eyes of what needs to focus on within the workplace and the pre-cautions.


The 2016 Greater Midwest Recyclers Exposition will be in Lincoln, Nebraska, dates will be announced later in the month.

Recyclers Association Warns of Growing Danger of Counterfeit Parts

The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) is warning consumers about the growing danger of counterfeit automotive parts in the marketplace.

"ARA has a long history of speaking out against counterfeit automotive parts and warning the automotive repair industry community and consumers about the dangers they pose and their increasing prevalence," said ARA President, Ricky Young. "The issue of counterfeit parts is a serious concern for the professional automotive recycling industry because like the auto manufacturers, ARA members also sell genuine, OEM parts. Each day over 500,000 recycled OEM parts that were designed and built to meet the automakers original requirements for fit, finish, durability and safety are sold directly to consumers as well as to repairs shops. The presence of counterfeit parts in the marketplace is harmful to automotive recyclers and all other reputable part suppliers."

In October, the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (NIPRCC), which is led by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) warned that the use of illegal counterfeit automotive parts is increasing in the United States, creating public safety concerns.

"ARA has been able to reach out to other interested parties, such as the Association of Global Automakers, to address the specific issue of counterfeit airbags," said ARA CEO, Michael E. Wilson. "In March of last year, as a result of ARA's interaction with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on counterfeit airbags issues, ARA met with senior policy staff from the Obama Administration responsible for coordinating the federal government's efforts on intellectual property (IP) enforcement issues. Also in attendance was a representative of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement division of the Department of Homeland Security and a representative of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)."

ARA believes collision repairers should use their professional training and judgment to make repair decisions based on the individual circumstances surrounding the damaged vehicles, and that all stakeholders involved in the collision repair marketplace should recognize the genuine value, safety and benefits that each repair part option (recycled, new, aftermarket, re-manufactured) may provide in a given repair. ARA urges consumers and repairers to be informed about the source of parts being purchased or installed in a vehicle.

If you suspect you have inadvertently purchased counterfeit parts report it online to ICE via the  HSI Tip Line , or call the Tip Line toll-free at (866) 347-2423 . You can also submit  an online complaint to the IPR center .
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