Volume 48 | Thursday, March 31st, 2022
2022 Masters Golf Tournament
Welcome back to Jump Seat. It’s that time of year again! We expect to see a very busy week in Augusta, Georgia on April 3rd-11th, 2022 for the 2022 Masters Golf Tournament.  
Guidance from both the FAA and NBAA has been released. We’d also like to point out a few items that always come into play for this event. 

As soon as you can, contact your FBO to make reservations at the following locations: 
Routing and Delay Mitigation

The FAA will have required IFR routes for arrivals and departures at the airports in the NOTAM. These routes will be available in the AutoGenerated route option on the flight planning page during the event. You can also expect ATC Traffic Management initiatives such Ground Stops and Ground Delay Programs with possibilities of flow control and miles-in-trail for traffic volume. With that, we also anticipate Expected Departure Clearance Times, or EDCTs. 
The ARINCDirect Flight Operations team will be aware of what is happening in and around the airspace and will have the latest information from the Command Center and the local ATC facilities. We can assist you with delay relief mitigation throughout the event. Contact our Flight Operations team anytime at flightops@arinc.com or +1 410-266-2266.  
Did you know?
  • The FAA’s PERTI Advanced Plan outlook released every day gives an informative briefing of what is going to take shape in the National Airspace. We highly recommend you review the plan as it will outline some of the details for the Masters event. 
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