Volume 36 | Thursday, September 23rd, 2021
An Introduction to Viasat Ka
Welcome back to Jump Seat. This week, we are discussing another cabin internet service offered by ARINCDirect: Viasat Ka and dual-band aircraft connectivity.
Viasat Ka-band aircraft internet service, which if paired with their Ku service supports global connectivity as a dual-band option, is yet another connectivity option for ARINCDirect customers. Viasat Ka is the only inflight SATCOM internet service without speed limits which, according to Viasat, affords users typical performance exceeding 20Mbps. The solution also affords flexible data rates, carry-over data, and in some instances, even provides unlimited streaming for a single device. This is a great option for aircraft that have a bulkhead monitor connected to a streaming media device. These impressive speeds and pricing options make Viasat Ka service stand out among the many choices offered to customers.

Unthrottled download speeds to the aircraft are particularly attention-worthy. Today, customers report seeing typical speeds around 20 Mbps and, in some cases, up to 40 Mbps. When you combine this data download performance with the unlimited streaming option, you can rest easy knowing that you can work without performance limitations and stream high-definition media without turning your data usage into expensive overage charges. Nobody wants surprises on the bill.

Data packages for the Viasat Ka range from 15 to 200 GB per month and many of the options allow you to carry your unused data over to the next month. Unlimited streaming for a single device is a value-add that comes standard for the Ultra100 and Ultra200 subscription options. It can also be added as an option to any other packages for an additional fee. One of the attractive features of the Viasat subscription options is that you can select monthly or two-year agreements - whichever works best for your operation. Each step-up in data allotment also affords significant savings per gigabyte.

Customers that currently have the Ku advanced system installed can easily upgrade to Ka incentives offered by Viasat. The entire hardware installation adds only 55 pounds to the aircraft with the addition of an antenna, modem, and power supply.

Currently, the Ka service is available in North and Central America, the Caribbean, the North Atlantic, and Europe. (Shown in yellow below) When Viasat launches 3 new Ka satellites over the next couple of years, coverage will be near-global.
Did you know?
  • Adding the next three Ka satellites will create a network with almost 3.5 TBPS bandwidth.
  • You can use your existing AppleTV, Hulu, Android, Roku, or other streaming devices to the bulkhead monitor for unlimited streaming.
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