Volume 47 | Thursday, March 10th, 2022
An Introduction to the Training Team
Welcome back to Jump Seat. This week, we want to introduce you to the ARINCDirect Training Team. This team consists of various subject matter experts that are positioned globally to support your operation and simplify your experience.
The ARINCDirect Training Team takes each customer through a journey including onboarding, new products and services, and recurrent training. They proactively demonstrate the ARINCDirect suite of tools either in-person, virtually, or through recorded training videos. Because the team has global coverage and a variety of experience and knowledge, from the front of the plane to the back, these sessions can be tailored to operational needs. 

Meet The Team
Meet Scott Clifford
Scott has been with the Training Team since its inception and is often referred to as “the voice of ARINCDirect” for his training videos. He came to ARINCDirect in January of 2003 with prior experience as a Certified Flight Instructor and Licensed Aircraft Dispatcher. He brought a pilot’s perspective and guided the team through what crew members would like to see in a flight planning service. Scott contributed to the origins of the Activations Team, the Avionics Tech team, Flight Following Team, assisted with RVSM certifications, and created the Training Team. Scott has a customer-first mentality and consistently goes above and beyond to provide the best service possible. He is known for saying “if I don’t know the answer, I will find out and get back to you.”
Throughout recent years, the Training Team has expertly navigated the constraints of the global pandemic by adapting the way that training is provided. Rather than focusing on in-person training sessions and events, the team held numerous virtual webinars to keep users proficient while grounded. And when travel eventually ramped up, regional training sessions were offered to smaller audiences to optimize safety. Going forward, the team looks forward to more opportunities for customer engagement.

For upcoming training events, training videos, and reference documents, navigate to our Help and Training Page. Whether you are a new or existing customer, we invite you to schedule a dedicated one-on-one training event for your team or attend any of the planned area refresher training events that are scheduled near you. Check the Help and Training Page often as locations and dates are added and updated. The best way to reach out to the team is by filling out the form linked to the Ask a Question Button or by emailing them at ad-training@collins.com
Did you know?
  • The training team became a global effort in 2019 with coverage in six continents. 
  • In addition to their mastery of external training, the team is also responsible for ensuring that the internal ARINCDirect teams are aligned and trained.
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