Volume 28 | Thursday, April 22nd, 2021
An Update on Presidential Temporary Flight Restrictions
Welcome back to Jump Seat. This week we want to inform you of the new tactical Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) for the state of Delaware. With the change in administration, there are now TFRs for the President's home in Wilmington and vacation home in Rehoboth Beach.
Whenever one of these TFRs are issued, expect impacts to the flow of traffic across the Northeast. Because of their proximity to the New York and DC metro areas, an already congested corridor will require tactical measures. Typically, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will issue required reroutes to vector traffic away from the area.

Whenever the Wilmington, DE TFR is active, the following may be implemented:

Figure 1: FCAIL3 (in green) and FCAIL4 (in pink).
Figure 2: FCAPH2 (in light blue), FCANE1 (in yellow), FCAHP1
(in red), and FCA007 (in blue).
As a result, flights that take these vectors into KTEB, KMMU, and KCDW airports should be prepared: arrivals from the south and southwest over ROD or JHW, arrivals from the south over BIGEO via ZDC, and offshore arrivals from Florida via OZENA. Other flights that are impacted include arrivals into KHPN from the west and south, flights between the Philadelphia area to Washington Center (ZDC), and flights departing Washington Center to Boston Center (ZBW) or onward to the North Atlantic. Similar reroutes throughout Washington Center are issued during the Rehoboth Beach TFR.

We are working on ingesting these required routes and advisories so that they are considered by the AutoGenerated route. In the meantime, many of these routes are available via the ATC Cleared or CDR (Coded Departure Route) options. To speak with a Flight Coordinator about how to best apply these routes or whether they will be required for a particular flight, call 1-410-266-2266 or email flightops@arinc.com.

To ensure that you are prepared for upcoming TFRs, ARINCDirect provides airport alerts. When an airport that is included in a TFR is selected on the flight planning page, a pop-up will alert the planner about the restriction. Another helpful resource is the ATC Next Day Plan that is available at the top of the flight planning page. Utilizing both of these tools will allow you to be better prepared.
Wilmington, DE TFR Specifics
A 12 nautical mile TFR ring centered on the DQO331004.3 prohibits GA operations at New Castle Airport (ILG) and New Garden Airport (N57). Due to its close proximity to the TFR, some approaches and/or departures for Summit Airport (EVY) may not be available while this TFR is in effect.

Gateway airports have been established at the New Castle Airport (ILG), Newark Intl Airport (EWR), and the Dulles Intl Airport (IAD) by TSA to accommodate aircraft arriving or departing New Castle Airport (ILG). Operators must register with TSA no less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time and may begin making reservations lasting through the duration of the event. Operators must register with TSA for gateway screening no less than 24 hours prior to their scheduled departure time by calling TSA at 610-537-9027.
Rehoboth Beach, DE TFR Expectations
While there is less published data available for the Rehoboth Beach TFR, we anticipate that it will be more active over the coming summer months.

Fortunately, no major General Aviation airports exist within the TFR rings due to the exclusion of KDOV and KSBY, so no gateway screening is necessary. Anticipate similar reroutes throughout Washington Center (ZDC) to circumnavigate the coastal area.
Did you know?
  • Here is an example of the SOUTH_AND_WEST_TO_TEB required route between KCLT and KTEB with the Temporary Flight Restrictions layer selected on the mapping tool. When a TFR is issued but not yet active, it is displayed in orange. When the TFR becomes active, the color will change to red. This particular map shows the inactive POTUS TFR in orange and the ongoing active DC area TFR in red.
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