Volume 18 | Thursday, November 19th, 2020
Dedicated Aircraft Support Teams
Welcome back to Jump Seat. When it comes to our customers and their aircraft, it is impossible to forget three vital and interconnected teams within our company: OEM and MRO Account Management, Aircraft Connectivity Support, and Field Services. Together, these groups provide 24x7 support from the delivery of the aircraft to beyond.
OEM and MRO Account Management

ARINCDirect’s OEM and MRO Account Management team supports customers at over 100 Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) locations globally. Account Managers provide support for new aircraft deliveries, used deliveries, and any ARINCDirect applicable hardware or service upgrades. They are also on-hand to coordinate testing of new services during an OEM or MRO visit, gather all service-related information required to complete the Online Service Order Form, and ensure that all needs are met on schedule. 

It is the mission of this team to ensure a stress-free delivery and service implementation experience. As a result, the team follows these projects from the initial phases to the final delivery and entry into service. When subscribed to ARINCDirect services during your new or used aircraft delivery or applicable aircraft upgrade, an Account Manager will be there to ensure the very best experience possible.

Aircraft Connectivity Support

After the service agreements have been signed and a customer is welcomed into the ARINCDirect family, the Activations and Support teams stand ready and prepared to assist in enabling and configuring connectivity services for their aircraft at no additional cost. One of those teams that excels in this area is the Aircraft Connectivity Support (ACS) team. 

The ACS team is a group of experts positioned within the ARINC Operations Center (AOC) to provide 24x7 support on both avionics and services for our Business Aviation and Commercial Aviation customers. The ACS is considered to be the frontline support as well as the escalation point for our OEM representatives and Field Service Engineers to remote configure, test and troubleshoot, diagnosis, and work with 3rd-party vendors and providers to resolve connectivity issues. Customers have direct access to the ACS for all inquiries and issues related to their datalink, SATCOM, CPDLC/FANS, and cabin communications services. The team is composed of various backgrounds in the aviation and information technology industries, from line maintenance to MRO installations, military operations on ground and in air, avionics development and network monitoring. They realize that merely having fundamental access to support, no matter the time of day, is the value and safety net to resolve issues. 
Meet Raja Yogam Sothirajah, a Senior Field Service Engineer based in Singapore

With over 40 years of experience within the aviation industry, Raja is a valued subject matter expert. After starting at a commercial airline in 1976 and transitioning to an aircraft OEM in 2006, Raja brought his vast experience to ARINCDirect in 2013. As a member of the international and multicultural team, he is able to work with new technologies across varied connectivity platforms. The continuous learning opportunities, the drive to provide quality customer support, and the ability to collaborate with numerous internal groups are all things that keep him engaged. Whether working with customers on-site or with team members abroad, Raja looks forward to “more good years ahead in the rapidly changing technological environment.”
Field Service Engineers

With location assignments across the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, Field Service Engineers (FSEs) act as global ambassadors. Whenever an issue cannot be addressed remotely by the ACS team, it is escalated to a Field Service Engineer who will conduct an on-site visit. In order to provide the highest level of customer support, engineers will often travel at short notice and sometimes to great distances to ensure a fast resolution. Troubleshooting efforts, which can range from five minutes to several hours, typically necessitate working alongside other hardware manufacturers to identify issues. Of note, these local visits are included with a subscription and therefore incur no additional cost to the customer.

While providing on-site support, FSEs often advise and educate customers on new services or future upgrades that are available. Their primary expertise is on hardware that supports services including LuxStream, Airborne Data Router (ARINDirect), Stage On-Demand, VHF/SAT Datalink, Inmarsat JX ConneX, SwiftBroadband (SBB), Viasat Ku-Advanced, and Iridium. Additionally, FSEs work closely with OEMs and MROs on configuration troubleshooting and actively participate in retrofits and entries into service. Overall, our OEM/MRO, ACS, and Field Service teams work hand-in-hand in their mission to provide technical expertise and seamless support to ARINCDirect customers. 
Did you know?
  • Support inquiries can be initially addressed by the 24x7 Aircraft Connectivity Support team at 1-866-321-6060 (ext. 5) or +1-410-266-2990. If necessary, any escalations to Field Service Engineers or OEM/MRO Account Managers are included with your subscription.
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