Volume 49 | Thursday, April 14th, 2022
Izon - the Collins Connected Platform
Welcome back to Jump Seat. Today, we’re focusing on Izon™, the Collins Connected Platform. Since its release in October of 2021, we’ve received questions regarding the platform and how it fits within our core ARINCDirect applications and services. Izon is bridging the gap of digital maturity, by aggregating all existing and new ARINCDirect aviation products into one portal. Whether it’s your mobile device in your pocket or your iPad sitting in the cockpit, Izon enables connectivity to your most critical data, anytime, anywhere. To further explain the vision of Izon, we’ve broken down our vision into three main stages: Liftoff, Ascent, and Soar. 
Phase I - Liftoff

Through Izon, you can access many of the existing tools you’ve come to depend on from Collins Aerospace. Those currently available on the dashboard include our ARINCDirect Flight Planning, Operator Portal, Flight Tracking, Aviation Sentry, and FOS applications.

Izon allows users to link multiple ARINCDirect flight planning and connectivity accounts for single-sign-on (SSO) functionality. The platform is mobile-friendly, which allows you to work from virtually any device with an internet connection. By facilitating a single login to consolidate your accounts and providing accessibility on the go, Izon allows for a streamlined and intuitive user experience. The setup process is simple and available today for any ARINCDirect flight planning subscriber.

Phase II - Ascent

Throughout 2022, platform enhancements will provide increased functionality, including the introduction of new Collins flight planning and scheduling capabilities. With the full integration of all legacy apps, including single-sign-on for FOS, operators will enjoy complete application integration for all Collins business aviation solutions. This phase will also include the customization of your Izon dashboard – with widgets displaying live, interactive data available in your Izon dashboard. 

Phase III - Soar
As Izon soars into Phase III it will synchronize data seamlessly with not only Collins services but also vetted third parties. This will enable your workflow to be streamlined from pre-flight planning to post-flight closeout, all within a single interface. Furthermore, Izon will allow for a customized view of information that is relevant to your flight department, keeping your “Izon” all facets of your operation.
Did you know?
  • Your feedback is very important to us as we further build out Izon and next generation tools. To express interest in helping us shape the future of Collins applications, please reach out to the Izon Support team here:
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