Volume 25 | Thursday, March 11th, 2021
Sample Flight Plans for Letters of Authorization
Welcome back to Jump Seat. With so many regulations and mandates regarding necessary equipment and the Letters of Authorization (LOA) that follow, we thought we’d focus this week's article on ways that we can help. Read on for more information. 
LOAs for Part 91, or “OpSpecs” for Part 135/121, are special authorizations permitting US operators the use of select aircraft systems and flight procedures. LOAs ensure operators are trained and aircraft are properly equipped. As a result, they are tied to the aircraft and the operator. If an aircraft is sold, or the operator changes, a new LOA is required. Similarly, if multiple operators utilize the same aircraft, then each operator needs their own LOA. This, of course, leads to a lot of documentation required when obtaining one by applying at a local Flight Standards District Office (FSDO). Required documentation typically includes a sample flight plan showing the pending equipment codes already listed in the appropriate fields of the ICAO. 

US operators are required to seek authorization from the FAA to utilize data link outside of the United States. The required Letter of Authorization for Part 91 operators is referred to as the A056. As your Communication Service Provider (CSP), and flight planning service, we support you in meeting two requirements outlined in the FAA's A056 compliance guide (link below). The CSP-1 requirement is seeking proof of a contractual relationship with your Communication Service Provider, while the FLP-1 requirement is looking for sample flight plans utilizing the appropriate equipment suffixes for the proposed systems in use. Our CPDLC FAQ section on the Reference Page of your customer account contains step-by-step instructions on meeting these requirements (link below).

Our team of flight coordinators is experienced in creating sample flight plans for operators to use in their LOA packages. We can suggest typical routes and codes that should be added to the flight plan based on the LOAs you are applying for and make sure all relevant documents are included in the flight plan package. To speak with a Flight Coordinator about a sample flight plan, call 1-410-266-2266 or email flightops@arinc.com.
Did you know?
  • ETPs are required in the A056 LOA submission. Frequently used airports include Gander (CYQX) or St. John’s (CYYT), Keflavik (BIKF), and Shannon (EINN). 
  • After suspension due to low traffic volume in 2020, the North Atlantic Data Link Mandate (NAT DLM) Phase 2C has resumed and is in effect across the NAT DLM Region between FL290-FL410, requiring FANS CPDLC and ADS-C. 
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