ARM's GIS and Data Management Systems: The Keys to Unlocking North America's Largest Brownfield
In support of the redevelopment of North America’s Largest Brownfield Site, ARM designed and built a Geographic Information System (GIS), which has been integral to the investigation and remediation of a 3,000-acre former steel plant property in Sparrows Point, MD.
ARM’s GIS was initially set up to geo-reference dozens of historical aerial photographs, old plant drawings, and data from past investigations. These historical references aided in the identification of historical features of potential concern (tanks, processing areas, waste storage areas, etc.) and allowed ARM to accurately target these features with soil, groundwater, and/or sub-slab soil gas sampling locations to guide the investigations. 
A GIS shapefile with parcel boundaries, which broke the site into smaller investigation parcels between roughly 10 and 300 acres in size, was created to indicate possible areas of future development, and to allow ARM to organize large amounts of spatial and analytical information for each parcel in a short period of time. 
As the investigation of each individual parcel was completed, the GIS has allowed for the management, analysis, interpretation, and visualization of information. This has enabled ARM’s clients to understand the requirements for remediation and the effects on potential development plans with an efficiency that is unmatched.
ARM increased the solar module wattage and changed the racking and medium voltage equipment on extensive MA Solar Portfolio

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Mold and Indoor Air Quality

Project Complications due to Bog Turtle Protection?
ARM is Now Certified to Provide Bog Turtle Surveys

ARM is pleased to announce that the Pennsylvania solar renewable energy credit (SREC) border is now closed, thanks to Bill HB #118, which has been signed by Governor Wolf! For those unfamiliar with solar and the incentives, SRECs are provided to solar systems based on their MWh (megawatt per hour) production each year. The PA SREC price has been pushed down the past 7-8 years due to legislation that allowed other states to purchase PA SRECs, which essentially subsidized solar projects with PA tax dollars in other states like NC and VA. PA SREC prices currently sit at $2.75 / MWh, which are essentially worthless. In NJ, SRECs are valued at $185 / MWh and MA SRECs are valued at $315 / MWh. These incentives can be purchased in 3, 5 and 10 year strips which lock in the SREC price and make solar projects more financially feasible. Solar systems are also eligible for the 30% income tax credit (ITC) and an accelerated 5 year depreciation (Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System / MACRS), which allows 30% of the total system cost to be recovered as tax credits and MACRS allows the project to be depreciated very quickly over 5 years. Businesses value these tax credits because not only are they getting a system that pays for itself in electricity production, but also lowers their taxable income. Read more.
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ARM Featured Employees
Steven Trate, P.E.
Steven holds Engineering Licenses in PA, KY, OH, NY, MD, WV, VA, and TX. Steven is responsible for managing permitting of well pads, providing construction site inspection and certification for well pads, reviewing and sealing plans for natural gas distribution pipelines and cell tower sites, and developing more efficient company standards for calculations and design work. Steven has extensive oil & gas permitting experience in OH which will assist clients in the Utica Shale footprint.
Scott Martin
Congratulations to ARM's Scott Martin who has been recognized as a Qualified Bog Turtle Surveyor by the United State Fish and Wildlife Service and the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (PFBC) in Pennsylvania. Scott’s qualifications as a Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) and state and federally recognized botanical qualifications allow for concurrent wetland identification/delineation and functional assessments and rare, threatened, endangered (RTE) botanical and Bog Turtle surveys in support of natural resource investigations.
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