ARM Uses Surface Geophysics in Support of Horizontal Drilling Projects to Provide Significant Cost Savings and Environmental Protection
The use of ARM’s geophysical and geotechnical capabilities has allowed for a reduction in the amount and severity of inadvertent returns (IRs), resulting in significant cost savings for Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) bore/pipeline owners.

ARM Geophysics has been recently supporting HDD projects by providing surface geophysical services. For over 15 years, ARM has provided borehole and surface geophysical services on hundreds of projects across the country, including many for shale gas clients. 

ARM uses a combination of Earth Resistivity (ER) and seismic multi-channel analysis of surface waves (MASW) techniques along with our geological, hydrogeological, and geotechnical expertise to identify potential sub-surface features (voids, tunnels, faults, fractures, unconsolidated fill, coal seams, etc.) in the area of the proposed HDD/ pipelines. ARM typically completes a desk-top study to review the site geology and surface conditions to determine the local and regional geologic framework and structural fabric, and to identify mining operations, fracture traces, or other anomalies that may coincide with the HDD alignment. 

ARM then applies non-invasive geophysical surveys to provide a robust and cost-effective screening tool to help characterize the subsurface in the area of proposed HDD bores so that geohazards are avoided and the optimal 3D bore profile is selected. 

ARM offers the following services related to HDD/pipeline projects:
  • HDD Design & Profile Optimization
  • HDD Alternative Analysis
  • Permitting (Chapter 105 & 102)
  • Pre-Drill Baseline Sampling & Notifications
  • HDD Plan Development (Contingency, Mitigation & Response Plans)
  • Risk Analysis
  • Inadvertent Return Contingency Planning
  • Karst Area Reviews
  • HDD Installation Oversight & Documentation
  • Geophysical Surveys of Proposed Alignment(s)
  • Evaluation of Potential Hydrogeologic Impacts
  • Natural & Cultural Resource Evaluations

For additional information about ARM’s geophysical services, please contact Scott Wendling, P.G. or Bill Seaton, P.G., PhD. 
at 717-533-8600.
ARM Prepares to Celebrate 20 Years of Success
ARM has spent the past 20 years building an organization that has stayed committed to its core values, creating an environment where the entrepreneurial spirit can thrive and where technical problem solving is paramount and unencumbered.  
Thank you to all of our valued clients for making the last 20 years successful!  We are looking forward to seeing what happens in the next 20 years!

ARM Featured Service:

Lead Testing May Soon Be Required for All Schools

Read more on our website or check out our Trifold addressing PA proposed Bill 2025 requiring PA schools to test for lead by June 2019.
PA's Solar Future Changes
Changes are coming to PA’s Solar Industry, and the future is looking brighter than ever. 

While solar installations are increasing in every state, including PA, solar currently produces less than 0.05 percent of our net electricity generation. If “Finding PA’s Solar Future”, the statewide planning project led by the Department of Environmental Protection's Office of Pollution Prevention and Energy Assistance, is able to accomplish it’s goal, PA will become a leader in solar energy, with 10% of all electricity generation coming from solar resources by 2030, which is equivalent to 10-12 gigawatts of electricity.

“Finding PA’s Solar Future” has already influenced significant changes in the industry. For example, in November 2017, it was able to successfully close the SREC border, which has increased the $/MWh (megawatt hour) production tax credit for electricity generated by solar energy systems in Pennsylvania.

The organization's current focus is to expand incentives and create a market transformation with community involvement. It is also proposing Community Solar legislation to allow for the development of third party owned or community owned solar systems that can be built offsite while still allowing residents and businesses to utilize solar energy.

Future plans also call for an incentivized structure for municipal and state governments, universities, schools and hospitals, as well as the non-profit sector to encourage solar ownership for entities that cannot monetize tax incentives, and to deploy solar for low-to-middle income individuals.

For more information, please contact Tim Mills at
ARM Featured Employees
Scott Wendling, P.G.
ARM is pleased to announce the promotion of Scott Wendling, P.G, now ARM's Chief Operating Officer.  With 30 years of experience in environmental and geophysical consulting, and with 10 of those years at ARM, Scott brings tremendous technical, management, and operations experience to this role.

Chris Finton , P.G.
ARM is pleased to announce the promotion of Chris Finton, P.G. now ARM's Vice President, Water Resources
Since joining ARM in 2013, Chris has enhanced our technical capabilities and has led the steady growth of ARM’s hydrogeology and water resources practice areas. 
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