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Weekly Update
November 5, 2020
A Word of Encouragement

"And he said, "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18:3

It was a group of four and five year-old children following their teacher in a familiar cheer. 'Give me a J,' cheered the teacher. 'J', yelled the children. 'Give me an E', encouraged the teacher. 'E', yelled the children. The teacher continued, 'Give me an 'S.' 'S', cried the children with glee. Their voices grew louder and louder as the teacher led them to the final letters of 'U' and 'S.' Together they said J-E-S-U-S! Excitement was rising, the teacher screams out, "What's that spell?" There was dead silence. It was a strange pause. Finally one child responded, "I don't know."

Oh, to become like a child again--the simple joys of discovery, open ears and minds, excited when given new ideas and experiences. Baby Christians make the best evangelists sometimes--they found Jesus and they will let the world know!
Growing up does bring its pains and disappointments, and joyous childhood can get marred. Faith can give way to cynicism, and hearts once open and filled to overflowing become closed, cold and empty.

No wonder Jesus calls us to return to a childlike faith! The late author Mike Yaconelli wrote about this, "This voice of our childhood is the voice of wonder and amazement, the voice of God, which has always been speaking to us, even before we were born." "One sad day, we are aware of an absence. We can no longer hear the God-voice, and we are left with only silence--not a quiet silence, but a roaring silence."

Our problem is we complicate life with too many other voices. You know what I mean.

Jesus invites us to come to Him as little children, eager to be with Him, to simply enjoy His presence. Today, take some time to remember the simple pleasures of childhood. Laugh out loud, sing too loud, lighten your step a little (try skipping!), and remember who waits to share this time with you.

Consider this child's prayer, "Dear God, I don't ever feel alone since I found out about you." - Nora

We Are God's Little Children,
Pastor Jim Britt
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December 4, 2020 | 9:00 am - 12:30 pm Eastern Time

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Speaker: Rev. Dr. Peter Bellini
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