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Weekly Update
September 10, 2020
ARM Church Partner Testimony

Have you ever been searching but you weren’t quite sure what you were searching for? 

I have been a Christian all of my life. I haven’t always walked in the ways of the LORD but can claim Christianity as my heritage. When I came under the leadership of a Spirit- filled pastor I really started to feel the call into leadership within the church. I heeded the call and began to provide leadership as the LORD led. My Spirit-filled pastor retired and sadly our church began to die. That is such a hard thing. Many of us have been in churches in which we have a vested interest but when The Spirit leaves the church withers away. I felt my spirit searching. I was searching in the natural as well as the spiritual. I attended churches with friends or family but always left the service still searching. About 5 years ago the LORD brought me to my current church. This little church had “The Spirit”. Not long after I started attending, my Pastor encouraged me to go to Aldersgate Renewal Ministry annual conference. I really had no idea what to expect. All I can say is that when I walked into the Worship room the first night the presence of the LORD greeted me at the door and I knew immediately that this is what I had been searching for. My life has been an incredible journey with the LORD ever since. Many of our church members attend various conferences, gatherings and ARM events throughout the year. I have seen ARM touch the lives of people from ages 4 to 84. This Ministry is an abode for God’s presence, the personification of the love of Jesus and a conduit for the work of the Holy Spirit. ARM really is a necessity to equip God’s people for what lies ahead.

I said all of that to say this: I am surprised to see that there are only 8 Church partners. No one asked me to write this note, however because of the impact ARM has had on my church and me personally, I would like to encourage every church that is reading this post to seriously consider becoming a partner. What if every church committed to give $500 a year? WOW! In addition, it is not just the monetary support, but just as important being a church partner we send a message to all those who faithfully serve in ARM that we support them, that we love them and that we are in this mission together. 

If you are searching and you just aren’t quite sure what it is you are searching for, Aldersgate Renewal Ministries may be it!

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