Capitol Buzz
April 29, 2022
ARPA Reporting and Compliance Update

An official communication from the U.S. Treasury went out yesterday to all recipients of ARPA funds about the report due TOMORROW of ARPA SLFRF monies. The communication stated that if you have contacted the Treasury by email or phone with a technical issue regarding your ARPA report submission and you did not receive a response by the April 30, 2022 due date, the Treasury Portal will remain open for your submissions after the deadline to accommodate those who are experiencing technical issues.
Please save a date stamped email and/or screen shot of your technical support request messages to Treasury. 
If you are still experiencing technical difficulties, please send an email to [email protected] 
Reporting when claiming the $10 million Standard Allowance. The Treasury recommends NEU’s select the up to $10 Million Standard Allowance for expedited reporting and compliance. It is the most flexible expenditure category for ARPA funds. Even if your project qualifies in another expenditure category like water infrastructure or broadband, you can still report those expenditures under revenue loss as government services. 
INSTRUCTIONS for reporting when claiming the $10 Million Standard Allowance:
  1. Go to the “Project Overview” 
  2. Choose 6 – Revenue Replacement – under the “Project Expenditure Category Group”
  3. Next Select Expenditure Category 6.1 – Provision of Government Services 
  4. Enter in Project Name: If your municipality has not contracted, obligated or expended funds, select “My jurisdiction has no projects”
  5. Enter a Project ID#
  6. Enter Total Cumulative Obligations
  7. Enter Total Cumulative Expenditures
  8. Enter Program Description
  9. SKIP the following modules: Subrecipients/beneficiaries/contractors, Sub-awards/direct payments, Expenditures
  10. In the "Recipient Specific" module select Yes under “Is your jurisdiction electing to use the standard allowance of up to $10 million"
  11. Enter in the amount you would like to claim in the field: "Revenue Loss Due to COVID-19 Public Health Emergency" ALL Wisconsin NEU’s received less than $10 million in ARPA Funds. Because the Revenue Loss category is the most flexible, municipalities should enter their entire ARPA allocation (total of first and second tranche) into this section.
  12. Provide a description of how your community plans to or has distributed ARPA funds to government services.