Capitol Buzz
October 6, 2021
ALERT: NEUs WILL NOT Use for Reporting

Based on the reporting concerns raised by communities, State Leagues and the National League of Cities, Treasury WILL NOT be requiring NEU’s (non-entitlement units, generally communities under 50,000 in population) to utilize the system for reporting and compliance. This announcement follows last week's extension of the reporting deadlines for both entitlement and non-entitlement communities.

The following message is directly from Treasury:

"Our expectation right now is no, NEUs will not be required to use for reporting. We are working on rolling out an alternative, more user friendly method for NEUs to login to the Treasury portal, and guidance will be developed in the near future. We'll share more details as it gets developed."

The League will post any new documentation or guidance received regarding NEU reporting and compliance on our ARPA website.

If you have specific questions on ARPA contact