ARPS Updates and Reminders
Happy Sunday Owl Families!
We hope you have had a great weekend and are looking forward to the next five days of school, before we head into our Thanksgiving Break.
We have so much to be thankful for!

Now is the perfect opportunity to let your teachers and staff members know how thankful you are for them. Attached is a template if you would like to download and print it for your Owl to write a letter of thanks! Remember, happy people aren't thankful, thankful people are happy.

Be well and know that we are thankful for YOU!

Calendar Reminders for the Week
11/16: Students and staff are encouraged to dress up in 50s gear as we celebrate great success in completing the first 50 days of school. Quite the milestone!

11/18: Board Meeting, 4:30 (via Zoom) See the Aspen Ridge Calendar for the link and agenda.

11/19: Students and staff are encouraged to wear our new ARPS tee, jeans and tennis shoes, as we race to Friday and to Thanksgiving Break! We've got spirit, no doubt! (Note: T-shirts will be handed out on Tuesday and VIP students may come at any point this week to pick up shirts OR if you have a neighbor or friend you would like to pick up for you, just let your child's VIP teacher know.)

11/20: Last Day of School Before Thanksgiving Break!

11/23-27: Thanksgiving Break, No School

11/30: ARPS Spirit Day (again). Wear your ARPS tees and get ready for a great three weeks of school before the Holiday break.
Driveline Tips and Reminders:
We need your support for success and safety.
When dropping off or picking up your Owl...
  • Pull up as far as you can. This helps multiple cars be able to unload or pick-up as quickly as possible. No one wants to be in a long, stand-still line.
  • Driveline is for "Drop and Go." If you have to get out of your car for any reason (fasten/unfasten seatbelts, open child-locked doors, etc), please park to do so. This helps ensure the line doesn't come to a stop.
  • Encourage your Owl(s) to have their masks ready, backpacks ready and selves ready as you start entering the parking lot, so that when you pull up, they can quickly exit the car.
  • Slow down--both in the parking lot and on Austin Avenue and Lloyd Lane. We have a crossing guard (one of our own) to help with safe crossing of Austin Avenue. Believe it or not, each of them have come close to getting hit. Remember, we have a lot of children and adults out during a relatively short period of time. Keep them in mind as you are entering and leaving campus. We want to keep everyone safe.
  • Continue to stagger your pick-up arrival times in the afternoons. There should never be a line of cars waiting on Austin Avenue to turn into the parking lot. And if there is, that line should not block the entrance to the local businesses (Animal Hospital, Abo's parking lot, etc) or back up onto County Road 52. A reminder of times to arrive:
  • PreK: 2:55-3:00pm
  • Kinder-2nd: 3:10pm
  • 3rd-5th: 3:20pm
  • 6th-8th: 3:25pm

Trust in the process and know that students are going to be released no earlier than 3:12pm and waiting in line both in the parking lot and on Austin Avenue just creates frustration for both ARPS families and local residents and business owners.

  • Parent Walk-Ups are encouraged! Just stay behind the sign at the sidewalk, have your driveline number visible, wear your mask for the safety of others, and give grace to the staff when the Driveline app is being slow. Sometimes, technology is NOT our friend.
  • Lastly....SMILE and Wave! We love being outside and greeting you all as you enter and leave the parking lot. We are one of the only schools around open for on-premise learning, 5-days a week. There is an emotional toll on everyone to keep safe, to follow all of the ever-changing Covid guidelines and to continue teaching academics. A smile and wave go a long way! We love our families and our students!
So Much To Be Thankful For