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Driveline Reminders and Support
We hope you continue to be kind and love our students, staff and families safely at both morning and afternoon driveline. A few reminders to ensure continued success...

Use the times listed below to arrive at Aspen Ridge.
We promise that our driveline is completed on most days by 3:31pm. Staggering arrival time for pick up ensures there are no frustrating lines, that traffic is not backed up on Austin Avenue or County Line and that surrounding businesses and community members can still get safely to their destinations.

Kinder -2nd: 3:10pm
3rd-5th: 3:20pm
6th-8th: 3:25pm

We are now releasing all walkers at the first dismissal call (at 3:12pm) instead of at 3:25pm.

Drive slowly through out parking lots and around the campus.
We treasure all of our families, our students and our crossing guards. Slow down and show our community that each of us matter.

Use the drop-off space we have.
Review the map below to see where you can drop-off and pick up your Owl. Getting our Owls into and out of cars quickly and efficiently, helps the whole system run smoother. Remember, if you have to get out of the car for any reason, park.

Thank you for your help and ensuring our Owls and families are safe at dismissal! Great work at keeping the processes smooth.

COVID-19 Testing
Many of you received an email from the district last week regarding free testing at the Innovation Center in Longmont. This testing location is open to anyone and provides free testing. If you would like to schedule an appointment for your student visit Covidcheckcolorado.org If you are having your student tested for COVID-19, the only test that ARPS can accept at this time is a standard PCR COVID-19 test not a Rapid Results test.

COVID-19 Vaccine Update
ARPS is working hard to provide vaccines to our teachers and staff. We are working with health insurance providers and Weld County to ensure our teachers and staff receive the vaccine.

Facilities Update
Our operations and custodial teams are working hard to ensure the school is clean and sanitized. Take a look at some of the fun updates we've made around the school. For more information about about what Aspen Ridge is doing to keep the school safe click here.

  • Special disinfectant equipment and disinfectant that is a proven COVID killer
  • Increased sanitization in classrooms and nightly cleaning
  • Increased outside airflow through HVAC system
  • Upgrade to hospital-grade filters in HVAC system
  • Stand-alone air purifiers in each room
  • Ionizers attached to the HVAC system for air sanitization

Looking for More Information?

Click HERE to stay up-to-date on the Aspen Ridge COVID 19 policies and procedures, or reach out to Sean Cortes at healthyowls@arprep.org if you have questions.

Mr. Sean Cortes passing out PPE to our staff!
Mrs. Rebecca Mayo-Cody,
ARPS Counselor

Click HERE to see how she can support you and your Owl(s) both in person and virtually.
Are you looking for an easy way to ensure your Owl is safe after school, until you get home from work? Check out the ARPS Owl's Nest.

Owl's Nest After Care
3:15 pm to 6:00 pm
$15 per day
Includes snack!
All students must sign-up in advance for after care for the 2020-2021 school year.
To sign up your student(s), please follow this link: The Owl's Nest Official Signup.