Nominations being accepted now!
Every year, SVVSD invites their charter schools to be a part of the Teacher of the Year/Tribute to Teachers awards process. Now is the time to participate! Keep reading and find out how you can nominate an Aspen Ridge teacher and show your support for our school.

The Tribute to Teachers awards program, sponsored by St. Vrain Valley Schools Education Foundation, provides the opportunity for students, parents, volunteers, fellow educators, school staff and community members to recognize and honor individual teachers at the Pre-K – 12th grade levels in St. Vrain Valley Schools who exemplify excellence in teaching. By paying tribute to teachers who have an extraordinary impact on the achievements of students, the Education Foundation and the community hope to honor the accomplishments of all teachers.

Nomination Criteria
Exemplary St. Vrain Valley Schools Teachers of the Year embody the following 5 characteristics:

  • Innovator – Frequently and appropriately challenges “accepted but outdated” methodologies with new approaches
  • Goal-Setter – Sets and maintains high standards for learning regardless of class/student knowledge
  • Motivator – Demonstrates a real love of teaching in most every lesson
  • Subject Matter Expert – Understands and conveys the material taught
  • Life Connector – Utilizes real-world examples/current topics in the classroom to emphasize the lesson’s importance

In order to qualify as a nominee, the teacher must be a licensed educator in the State of Colorado and employed at a St. Vrain Valley Schools campus for the current school year. If a teacher won the Teacher of the Year honor for their school the previous year they are not eligible. Click Here to see the 2020 winners. All St. Vrain Valley Schools are eligible for these awards! All nominations must be received electronically no later than Wednesday, February 10, 2021. 

One teacher from each St. Vrain Valley School will receive the Teacher of the Year recognition for their school. Two other teachers from each school will be honored as Teacher of the Year finalists. The Teacher of the Year for each school will receive a $100 gift card for classroom use. The recipients and finalists all receive a certificate of recognition during the Tribute to Teachers event in April 2021. From the school Teacher of the Year recipients, a district wide Teacher of the Year and finalists will be chosen.

Who will be the Aspen Ridge Preparatory School's teacher of the year for 20-21? So many choices....

Click HERE to make your nomination(s)!
Fun Times at ARPS!
Featured Updates
Davis Update
As we enter into the new year, we hope you are continuing to pray and keep positive thoughts for Davis and his family, on his journey to get better.
Thank you for supporting our sweet Owl and we'll continue to communicate ways you can help support through coming months.

The Goeking Family has been so grateful for the outpouring of love and support for Davis and their family. Thank you for all that you do!

Helpful Driveline Reminders
With almost 30 more families back on campus, a gentle reminder to please stagger your pick-up at the end of the day. We are trying to eliminate standing traffic on Austin Avenue as much as possible.
Times to aim for arrival at pick-up:
Kinder -2nd: 3:10pm
3rd-5th: 3:20pm
6th-8th: 3:25pm

We are now releasing all walkers at the first dismissal call (at 3:12pm) instead of at 3:25pm.

Thank you for your help and ensuring our Owls and families are safe at dismissal! Great work at keeping the processes smooth.

In-Person vs. VIP vs. Temporary VIP students vs. Class Quarantine

There are many options for learning this year at Aspen Ridge. Here is a quick overview of how each option weaves into the big picture of teaching and learning.

In-Person: In-person instruction consists of 5-days a week of teaching/learning, on campus.

VIP: The Virtual Instructional Programming platform is designed for families who are not comfortable sending their children for in-person learning. Families are able to move to the VIP platform at any time during the school year, but may only move back to in-person learning at the beginning of each quarter (Jan 6 or March 29). (It does take about 24 hours for this transition to take place.) VIP students login for live lessons and work independently about 1/3 of the time of in person learning. Student daily attendance/participation and grades are monitored by the VIP teacher. VIP teachers include: Ms. Weingardt and Mrs. Vallort (K-2); Ms. Thornton and Mrs. Dieterich (3rd-5th); Mrs. Hollis, Mrs. Reseigh and Ms. Shorts (6-8).

Temporary VIP students: Students who are required to quarantine under the ARPS policies join the VIP platform as a temporary student (Transition takes about 24 hours). Students login with VIP teachers and grade level peers during the duration of their quarantine, participating and continuing their learning path. Once students have been cleared to return back to school by the Covid Response Coordinator, students are able to return to on-premise learning. VIP teachers are responsible for marking participation and attendance; grades are assigned through on-premise teachers.

Class Quarantine: If a class is required to quarantine because a student or teacher has tested positive for Covid 19, the classroom teacher continues instruction from home (granted the teacher is well enough to do so) and students login virtually each day to count. An email identifying a 14-day quarantine is sent to the identified class by the Covid Repsonse Coordinator (CRC); the classroom teacher sends a template with the daily schedule for teaching/learning; student attendance and participation is monitored through the classroom teacher. Once cleared by the CRC, the class is able to return to in-person learning.

The various learning platforms are intended to provide teaching/learning opportunities for all students, as seamlessly as possible. There is a transition phase, in both moving to VIP and moving back to in-person learning, to account for updated grades, materials collection, and communication of links/templates/daily schedules. Keep in mind that if you are an on-premise learner and choose to move to VIP, that change is made through the end of the quarter and moving back to on-premise learning prior to the quarter is not an option.
The Colorado Covid Dial dashboard can be found here. We are currently at a color dial of orange. Masks are continuing to be required at all times for staff and students (6th-8th); required for entry/exit and transitions for Kinder-5th.
Masks are just one mitigating factor that ARPS is implementing to help ensure our students and staff stay safe. Click here to read more about ways to keep your family's health at the forefront. Please note masks must fit properly and cover both mouth and nose.
Face shields are not allowed in place of a mask.

COVID-19 Testing
If you are having your student tested for COVID-19, the only test that ARPS can accept at this time is a standard PCR COVID-19 test not a Rapid Results test.

Facilities Update
Our operations and custodial teams are working hard to ensure the school is clean and sanitized. Take a look at some of the fun updates we've made around the school. For more information about about what Aspen Ridge is doing to keep the school safe click here.

  • Special disinfectant equipment and disinfectant that is a proven COVID killer
  • Increased sanitization in classrooms and nightly cleaning
  • Increased outside airflow through HVAC system
  • Upgrade to hospital-grade filters in HVAC system
  • Stand-alone air purifiers in each room
  • Ionizers attached to the HVAC system for air sanitization

Did you travel over the holidays?
While Aspen Ridge does NOT have travel policy restrictions for students and staff, we do ask that you continue to be mindful about where you are traveling and who you are visiting. Help our school community stay extra healthy by monitoring your Owl(s) for symptoms each day and encouraging them to wash their hands. Did you know the goal for handwashing is TEN times a day? With cold and flu season right around the corner, now is the time for that extra push and healthy habit vigilance.
If you feel that your child has been exposed to someone in the family that has tested positive for Covid-19, please reach out to Mr. Cortes, our Covid Response Coordinator @
Looking for More Information?

Click HERE to stay up-to-date on the Aspen Ridge COVID 19 policies and procedures, or reach out to Sean Cortes at if you have questions.

Mr. Sean Cortes passing out PPE to our staff!
Mrs. Rebecca Mayo-Cody,
ARPS Counselor

Click HERE to see how she can support you and your Owl(s) both in person and virtually.
Are you looking for an easy way to ensure your Owl is safe after school, until you get home from work? Check out the ARPS Owl's Nest.

Owl's Nest After Care
3:15 pm to 6:00 pm
$15 per day
Includes snack!
All students must sign-up in advance for after care for the 2020-2021 school year.
To sign up your student(s), please follow this link: The Owl's Nest Official Signup.