ARPS Parent Updates
Good morning Families,

Thank you for your continued support during this time of unknowns. Our Covid Response Team has been meeting and working tenaciously to create solutions to many of the problems that we are currently facing.

You may have received an email from SVVSD last night with their newest plans for teaching and learning. As a charter school, we do not follow the exact plans of the district and have the autonomy to create plans that work for our community.

With that being said, we will continue to revise, create and construct a solution, through the CRT, that does just that. As of this past Tuesday, when our team met, we were confidently moving forward with the option for 100% online or 100% on-premise learning. While we may make some changes to this plan, we will continue to offer choices that best meet the needs of our families.

Below are some of the discussions that were had last night at the ARPS Board Meeting.

Student Cohorts
Students in PK-5 will remain with their cohort (assigned homeroom) as much as possible. Conversations around 6th-8th grade students are still being discussed, as they switch classes multiple times a day and don't have a single cohort.
Learning Plans
At this time, Aspen Ridge will be offering two plans for learning. Either 100% on-premise or 100% online through our VIP. These platforms will be interchangeable at each quarter (specifically for any students moving from online to on-premise). Moving from on-premise to online will be a bit more flexible, with the allowable time for transitioning and communication between teachers.
The VIP is not a separate online program like what is being used in SVVSD. It will be managed through Aspen Ridge teachers, with live lessons and small group instruction. The specific details will be worked out when teachers are back on campus in August. Click on the below links to learn more.

*Please note that if you register for the SVVSD LaunchEd option, you will be un-enrolled as an Aspen Ridge student.

  • All students are required to wear a mask when entering and exiting the building, in the hallways, and while passing through or congregating in any common spaces where more than one class is in the same area. 
  • Masks for elementary students (PK-5) are optional when with their class or cohort and in the classroom setting. 
  • Masks for middle school students (6-8) are encouraged at all times.
  • All staff are required to wear a mask or facial covering while sharing space with other people including but not limited to classrooms, shared offices, work rooms, and hallways.

  • Any adult who is not a staff member (e.g. volunteers, vendors, substitute teachers) are required to wear a mask or appropriate facial covering while on the premises.

Shared Materials
It is the position of ARPS that shared school materials create a greater risk of spreading COVID among students and staff. Materials will not be shared between staff and students where at all possible.

Room Capacity
Enough teachers and staff will be employed by ARPS to allow class or cohort sizes to not exceed a number that would allow at least 5 feet distancing while in the classroom.
Lunch will be held in the gym using the entire space to promote social distancing, particularly between classes or cohorts.

Building Entry
Points of entry to the building used for students and staff will be determined to minimize crowding, promote contact tracing, and control the sanitation process. Parents are not to enter the building during drop off or pick up and are encouraged to not get out of their vehicles or approach the building.

Visitors, including but not limited to substitutes, parents, and vendors must be invited to the school by administration or its delegates prior to entry and will be subject to a health questionnaire and temperature check before leaving the vestibule and entering the building.  

All staff will be required to submit to the school, in the manner of the school’s choosing, a self-health assessment prior to entering the building to attest they are not exhibiting symptoms related to the Covid-19 virus.  

Families and students will sign a form included in their registration or beginning of the year paperwork attesting they will do daily health screenings and assessments on their students before entering the building.  

Volunteers will not be permitted at the school until deemed appropriate by the Covid Response Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. 

Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular activities are an important part of the overall offerings provided by ARPS, however, all in-person extracurricular activities including after school clubs will be excluded until further notice (excluding virtual clubs)

Intramural sports will follow SVVSD for continuation and scheduling.  

100 Mile Club will be continued virtually, and will not meet in-person at the school. Staff program support, incentives, and encouragement will continue to be provided. Student data will be submitted by the students and families.

Owl's Nest
Owls' Nest will be offered after school (3:15-6:00) with a limited number of children. These spots will be offered by week, with the ability to sign up through the fall semester. More information will be provided at a later date.

Sick Policies
We are continuing to work with the CRT, CDE and our local resources to determine policies for when students or staff get sick or show signs of sickness .

These are hard decisions and difficult times to maneuver. There are no "right" answers, just scenarios and options that allow you to make a best fit choice for your family. My personal recommendation is that if you feel uncomfortable with any of the policies and plans that are being recommended to the board, or if you have the ability to work with the VIP for the first few months of school, that you do so. As a reiteration from the Harvard study that recently came out:
We recognize there are immense challenges. There is no perfect plan to reopen schools safely, only ‘less bad’ options. There is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy that works for every school. Schools have limited budgets and staff. Compliance will be imperfect. Learning will be different. There will be disruption. Schools may need to reclose unexpectedly depending on local conditions. No one knows with certainty what the fall will bring in terms of this pandemic. 

I have reattached the survey that went out about a week ago. Click HERE . I can only imagine that your thoughts are spiraling and that your choices may be changing. Even if you have already filled out the survey, please don't hesitate to fill it out again if you have changed your decision for what platform you'd like to start off with this year. I can filter through responses by date to glean the information that we need for staffing purposes and planning. My hope is that you'll continue to ask questions, that you'll make the choice that is best for your family, that you'll find peace in your choices and that you'll continue to lean into the Aspen Ridge community for solace, hope and comfort.


Be well,
Charla Salmeron, Principal
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