ARPS Updates 3.19.2020

Note: We have been notified that one of our students is showing symptoms typical of the COVID-19 virus, while testing negative for both Strep and Flu. While it has been predicted that many of us will acquire the virus, we would just like to encourage you to follow expectations set by the state to practice social distancing, stay at home as much as possible over the next few weeks and take care of yourselves. Much love to our families!

Thursday Updates:

  • We have a special page on our website for you to find recent school communications surrounding COVID-19. Click HERE and bookmark it for future reference.

  • Jon Gordon's live stream this morning was very motivational and uplifting. It was shared to our Facebook page so go take a look at the recording. I hope you get just as much out of it as I did.

  • With the most recent guidelines to extend school closures through April 17th, here is what we are doing on our end to prepare....

  • All grade level teams are meeting with Mrs. Miller and myself tomorrow (Friday) throughout the day. We will be going over online expectations and working together to articulate a clear and consistent plan for student learning.
  • Teachers and staff will be providing suggestions and ideas for what students can keep academically involved with over the next week; online instruction will start Monday, March 30.
  • Grades for participation and work will be given to students during this online period of time.
  • We are working on a plan of action to allow families to continue checking out devices, to ensure you child has the tools they need during this time period. More information to come.

  • What you can expect from us as we move into this next phase of teaching and learning.
  • A recommended schedule to follow each week.
  • Daily announcements through Zoom (the invite link will be found on the Google Calendar each day).
  • A minimum of four reading and math lessons each week (with practice and "homework" assigned) in addition to lessons in science, social studies, writing, handwriting, 7 Mindsets, etc.
  • Middle school students should expect a minimum of four lessons each week in all core academic classes (reading, math, science and social studies).

A detailed plan will be sent directly to you from your classroom teacher or grade level by the end of next week. This planning time is essential for our staff and we thank you in advance for your hard work and patience.

This week has been "good" practice for all of parents and educators. Thank you for your support and perseverance. Keep giving yourself grace as you find your balance, keep sending pictures to keep us connected and keep your fingers crossed that we will reconnect (in person) before this school year comes to an end. While the jokes about homeschooling are prevalent, please know you have a whole school of educators that miss our children more than words can begin to describe.

Much love,
Charla Salmeron, Principal
The Head Family is making memories and taking advantage of the Vitamin D. Beautiful scenery! Precious family!
The Medina's have added urban farming to their home school curriculum. We can't wait to see the eggs!
The Drennen/Eich Family is deep into their daily white board schedule! Way to learn!
A big shout out from the Rock Family to all of ARPS. They spent some time hiking last weekend and are learning some cool science at home. Keep up the great work!
Can you guess who this new little Owl is?

Kaylin Mac Zehnder .

Is she not just PERFECT??
Mrs. Zehnder is doing well (although a little sleep deprived). We couldn't be happier for her and her family! Congratulations! Keep that baby girl well!
Questions & Answers
-Here are some other answers to questions that we have been fielding.

Q: Am I able to get into the school to pick up medications, digital devices or things my child needs from their classroom?
A: We are currently working together (facilities and academics) to determine a plan of action and a date or two to allow some to trickle into the school to gather things. More information to come. For now, our campus is closed to all staff (minus the cleaning crew and contracted services) through March 29th.

Q: Will we still have CMAS testing for 3rd-8th graders?
A: CDE has "paused" all state testing through the 19-20 school year.

Q: How will we know what is happening over the next few days/weeks?
A: Our goal is to be as transparent and communicative as possible. Teachers are checking emails daily and updating their websites; administrators and non-academic staff are checking emails daily. We will keep you as apprised as soon as we can as to not keep you in the dark.

Q: Are there resources being provided for families who need support with food, personal or emotional support?
A: Mrs. Rebecca (our counselor) has set up an amazing site with resources and links for YOU. Click HERE to visit.

Also, both Erie Uplink and Meals on Wheels (Coal Creek) are opening up to needs of the community. They are also looking for volunteers and donations if you are looking for ways to help. SVVSD is also provided services (as per their website ):

Meals: Starting on Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 20, St. Vrain Valley Schools will be opening 11 food pickup sites where students, families, and staff can receive lunch and breakfast food items. The daily pick-up window is 11:00-12:30 p.m. at one of the following district locations: Timberline PK-8, Northridge Elementary School, Altona Middle School, Sunset Middle School, Soaring Heights PK-8, Frederick High School, Mead Middle School, Lyons High School (12-12:30), Hygiene Elementary School (11-11:30), Niwot High School, and the Learning Services Center.
Updated Dates for your Calendar
March 13-March 29: School Closure
  • March 17th: Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  • March 18th: Board Meeting, 4:30pm (via Zoom)
  • March 19th: First Day of Spring
  • March 20-27: The "Real" Spring Break

April 4th: Cancelled: Spring Gala! Look for an online auction as a potential fundraiser.
April 20th: Tentative return date for students.