ARPS Updates 3.24.2020
Happy Tuesday!

Please note we will NOT be opening up the school on Thursday after all. All 4th-8th resources will be online. If you need to pick up anything, please make sure that your teacher is aware (so that they can have it ready) and come on Wednesday. Teachers are not required to be present on Wednesday during pick up, so please be patient with the few of us who will be on campus.

Wednesday: PreK-3rd Grade Pick-Up
Enter at the back of the school/gym

Thursday: 4th-8th Grade Pick-Up
Enter at the back of the school/gym

If you need specialty items, please email directly to the staff below so that they can have the materials ready for you on Wednesday or Thursday .

To pick up:
Medications: Denise Collard (
Specialty requests from your child's classroom: Classroom teacher
Technology Check-Out: Classroom teacher
Check out Ukulele or pick up instrument:

The library will not be open for check-out at this time.

If you are unable to come during the slated time, please reach out to me (

If for any reason you have fever, cough or other COVID-19 symptoms, or you have been exposed to someone who has, please do not come to campus. You may have someone else pick your materials up or reach out to me so that we can make a plan.
We are asking that you not take this time to visit with staff or families (social distancing), that you cover your mouth for sneezes/coughs and that you stay a safe distance from all (6ft).

Our teachers and staff are working tirelessly to ensure that our students have meaningful and engaging work during this remote learning time period. While many lessons will be digital or recorded, each week, students will also be asked to log-in through Zoom to have direct, live contact with their teacher. (Please make sure you sign up for this free account now.)

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.
Thank you to those of you who have sent positive feedback, who have sent in pictures of what you are up to these days (keeping 'em coming) and who are making regular contact with your classroom teacher.

Take care and see you soon!
Charla Salmeron, Principal
The Kline's taking advantage of the weather. Soccer season may be postponed until next year, but that doesn't mean you can't keep practicing! Keep it up!!
Questions & Answers
-Here are some other answers to questions that we have been fielding.

Q: Will we still have CMAS testing for 3rd-8th graders?
A: CDE has "paused" all state testing through the 19-20 school year.

Q: Are there resources being provided for families who need support with food, personal or emotional support?
A: Mrs. Rebecca (our counselor) has set up an amazing site with resources and links for YOU. Click HERE to visit.

Also, both Erie Uplink and Meals on Wheels (Coal Creek) are opening up to needs of the community. They are also looking for volunteers and donations if you are looking for ways to help. SVVSD is also provided services (as per their website ):

Meals: Starting on Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 20, St. Vrain Valley Schools will be opening 11 food pickup sites where students, families, and staff can receive lunch and breakfast food items. The daily pick-up window is 11:00-12:30 p.m. at one of the following district locations: Timberline PK-8, Northridge Elementary School, Altona Middle School, Sunset Middle School, Soaring Heights PK-8, Frederick High School, Mead Middle School, Lyons High School (12-12:30), Hygiene Elementary School (11-11:30), Niwot High School, and the Learning Services Center.
Updated Dates for your Calendar
March 13-April 17: School Closure
  • March 20-27: The "Real" Spring Break
  • March 30: Online learning begins again.
April 4th: Cancelled: Spring Gala! Look for an online auction as a potential fundraiser.
April 20th: Tentative return date for students.