ARPS Weekly Updates: April 20th-24th
Good evening and Happy Friday Owls!

We are moving into week four of remote learning; week 6 of last being at school. If you would have even entertained the thought 6-weeks ago that we would be out of school for this long, I would have laughed (under my breath, of course). The gamut of emotions have been far reaching, and while I have succumbed to the idea that we will most likely end the school year like this, I miss seeing all of our Owls like crazy.

Thank you (again) for the participation in our Remote Learning Survey. We had representation from 211 students (or about 44% of our student population PK-8). The summary is provided for you below if you are interested. The biggest pattern seen across the responses, other than trying to find balance and working family systems in each household, was the correlation between the amount of time we are aiming for through our teaching/learning opportunities and the amount of time being spent in doing them at home. I highly encourage you to reach out to your teacher if you find that:

  • Work time at home is taking more time than what teachers are aiming for.
  • Additional work/practice opportunities are needed for your child.
  • Trying to find time to work with your child (especially 3rd grade and under) is creating high levels of stress within your home.

When I consider the fact that our children may potentially be away from on-premise learning for almost 5 months (and that's given that we are able to return for the 20-21 school year without huge social distancing implications), I think about the 7 Mindsets that we have been learning about all year. We are currently learning about the last mindset... The Time Is Now . While no one is loving this new reality, the time is now to:

  • Nail down schedules at home each week.
  • Continue problem solving and adjusting to continued teaching and learning opportunities at home.
  • Empower your child to keep reading, practicing and participating in their learning.
  • Allow your children to be responsible for their assignments and learning, and allow them to struggle as they figure out how to work through this process (especially 4th grade and up).

Thank YOU for being the strong role model in your child's life that helps to show kids that we can, and will, prevail together; that no one is perfect; that struggle through problem solving is normal; that patience is a virtue; that kindness is key.

Lastly, whether on premise or not, celebrating our FIRST class having attended ARPS from K-8th grade, AND celebrating our Kindergarten students who have completed their first year of school successfully is HIGH on our priority list. We need your assistance! Do you have some fantastic ideas to make this year special for these Owls? Or would you like to be a part of the team to make the ideas become a reality? Sign up HERE ! Our students are amazing; let's shine a light on their success!

I'm proud to be a part of our school community--built BY the community to build UP the community. We are a strong, caring group of teachers, staff, students and families, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope that everyone is staying well and that our parents out there on the front-lines are SOARing in their roles. We appreciate ALL that you do!

Be well,
Mrs. Salmeron, Principal
Got Perspective?
Every year, the St. Vrain Valley Education Foundation recognized teachers from around the district who have been nominated by YOU. It's always a special event and fun for everyone involved!
Congratulations to our finalists, Mrs. Page and Mrs. McCasky, and a special shout out to Mrs. Sinichko, who represents the Teacher of the Year for Aspen Ridge this year. We couldn't be prouder of all of our teachers and staff! They are amazing!
If you are interested in seeing for yourself, or interested in seeing other finalists from each SVVSD school, visit Youtube to see the entire tribute by clicking here.
Order your yearbook now!
Yearbooks will be ready for pickup before we have checked out for the school year. Don't miss the opportunity to have this year's memories at your fingertip.
Join us for morning announcements each weekday morning at 9am. The Zoom link can be found on the ARPS Google Calendar. (Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page--Upcoming Events Calendar.)
Parent Remote Survey Synopsis. Click on the picture above to get the whole PDF.
Support Aspen Ridge (the easy way) by ordering pizza for your family dinner on Tuesday night. I wonder which teacher will receive a free pizza?
Maybe you should put Mrs. Salmeron as your child's teacher :)
Aspen Ridge will be providing summer learning packets/books for all PreK-7th grade students returning in the Fall. More information to come about how to get your copy.
We are looking for volunteers to help plan Kindergarten Graduation and 8th Grade Continuation. Can you help or do you have ideas? Click HERE to be a part of the fun!
We are finalizing our school supplies list now. Be on the lookout for ordering supplies for the 20-21 school year through Edukit, soon.
A few "finds" for your family...
An in-depth daily calendar outlining a multitude of opportunities to live-stream... and engage in everything from crafts to science projects, read-alouds to cooking together. Take a look! You may love it more than your children :)

Podcasts for kids, click HERE to see a great list!
Updated Dates for Your Calendar
March 13-April 30: Official School Closure for now
  • April 21st: Papa John's Restaurant Night
  • April 27th: No School Per 19-20 School Calendar
  • Please note, your classroom teacher may be providing options for teaching and learning on this day (given our current environment). They will communicate with you directly.
  • April 28-May 1: Classroom Character Education Celebrations (TBA by your classroom teacher) with award recipients announced during morning announcements each day throughout the week.
  • Tuesday, April 28: Kinder/1st Award Recipients Announced
  • Wednesday, April 29: 2nd/3rd Award Recipients Announced
  • Thursday, April 30: 4th/5th Award Recipients Announced
  • Friday, May 1: Middle School Award Recipients Announced

  • May 21st: Last Day of School
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