ARPS Weekly Updates: April 6-10
The Power of Perspective
Good Morning Owl Families,

Last week we started a new journey in learning, and I don't know about you, but I am tired . Not your typical "I need to take a nap" tired. No, rather the, "I'm not sure I like this new reality" tired. Watching school districts across the U.S. make the announcement to close their doors to traditional, in-person learning for the remainder of the year is emotionally exhausting. And while we haven't made that decision (yet), we are already planning for how the end of our school year will look from afar. We know that April 30th is slated to be our newest "date" for return, but my gut is saying that the next time we see each other, we will be to trading student desk/locker items with devices and library books that will be needed to turn in for summer.

As we continue down this uplanned (and unwanted) path, and as the adrenaline starts wearing off, this is the perfect time for us to "settle the ball." (I just started listening to Brene Brown's podcast, Unlocking Us , and I highly recommend it. ) In soccer, when you settle the ball, you take time to pause long enough to look around you, listen to what is going on, and find the direction you want your ball to travel. You find your players, you ask questions, you glean perspectives and you adjust, as needed, to get your ball to the goal. That, is exactly what we are going to do over this next week. I hope that last week put you on track to developing new routines, creating schedules that work for your family, and figuring out some balance. Be on the lookout later this week for a short survey about how we are doing and how we can adjust to reach our goal. We will be looking for ideas to collectively make this remote learning platform better for all.

If you haven't had the chance to join us for morning announcements yet, tune in each morning at 9am to see some friends and familiar Aspen Ridge faces. You can find the link in the ARPS Google calendar (on our website). This morning's Mindful Monday #1 video can be seen by clicking HERE . Thank you, Mrs. Rebecca, for your creativity and for leading our school mindfully, and thank you Mrs. White for celebrating our artists and making each Monday morning drawing fun for all.

As we officially begin week two from afar, I would like to thank our parents and family members who are the front lines of this pandemic. We have many health care professionals, emergency personnel and daily heroes who are not only trying to help find the balance for their children and families at home, but who are also dealing with the stressors of continuing their livelihood and day-to-day professions. We see you and hope you'll lean in if you need support or uplifting. Know that our appreciation is more than a few typed words can communicate. Thank you for continue this fight and comforting those that need it the most.
Keep up the hard work, don't give up no matter how hard it gets and remember, we miss you all and can't wait to "see" you again!
Be well,
Mrs. Salmeron, Principal
Got Perspective?
Our 6th Graders were tasked with finding perspective! These are just a few of the amazing pictures that were turned in! Great work!
Updated Dates for Your Calendar
March 13-April 30: Official School Closure
  • April 15: Board Meeting via Zoom
  • April 16 and 17: Coffee With the Principals via Zoom (more information to come)
  • April 27th: No School

  • May 1: Slated return date for students
  • May 21st: Last Day of School
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