Sireli Ungerouhiner,

Once again, we are being called upon to be with our people in Artsakh and Armenia who are suffering greatly due to the war with Azerbaijan.

ARS Canada with its 10 chapters have been fundraising non-stop since September 27th. We are committed to providing all the help we can to help our Armenian brothers and sisters. The donations will be used to purchase food and shelter for those who have been displaced from their homes and medicine to be used in hospitals in Artstakh and in Armenia, especially in the Rehabilitation Hospital for Armenian Soldiers.

To date, we have raised $210,000 and we have transferred to ARS Inc. $135,000 (USD100,000) to be used where needed in Artsakh and Armenia.

ARS Canada is planning a Fundraising Telethon on October 31, 2020. Please see the event flyer below and be sure to watch and support this initiative.

We ask you to continue making your heartfelt donations. You can make your donations in several ways:

1) Send your cheques payable to ARS Foundation to:

Armenian Relief Society of Canada
3401 Olivar Asselin, Montreal, QC H4J 1L5

2) Visit our website at and press the Donate button or go to and make your donation.

3) E transfer your donation to ARS Canada at

Artsakh needs you!
Armenia needs you!
Our wounded soldiers need you!

You can watch a short video where we announce the upcoming telethon and provide some footage of past ARS events.