Community News
At the heart of our organization's greatness is its members and chapters. They continue to work for the betterment of our communities and homeland and carry on the mission of our organization. Despite all the challenges, this previous year has brought, they have continued to be on the frontlines and have extended their healing hands, wherever they are needed. Here is a round-up of some of their activities.
The ARS "Artemis" Chapter of Philadelphia has been able to raise funds for several of our programs by conducting bake sales, selling scarves and aprons, and raffling off an Easter Basket. The chapter also collected donations for Artsakh by gifting donors an iconic poster of Artsakh, by artist Mary Zakarian.
The ARS "Reubina" Chapter of Granite City raised funds for programs by selling trays lenten mezza meals after Church services on Palm Sunday. While the community got to restock their fridge with their favorite meals, ARS was able to raise funds for humanitarian purposes. 
The ARS "Ani" Chapter of Providence had a virtual oath ceremony recently to welcome their new members. The chapter also hosted a 50-50 fundraising raffle, where one lucky winner took a big prize home. 
The ARS “Arax” Chapter of Providence held a Christmas fundraiser by selling beautiful, themed gift baskets containing confections made by “Wrapitsis,” owned by ARS member Talar Restikian and her sister Lucy. In February, the chapter members decided to show their love to their fellow Armenians with decadent chocolate-covered strawberry gifts for Valentine’s Day. An Easter fundraiser included delicious cookies homemade by our members. All events helped the chapter raise funds for Artsakh.
The ARS "Zabelle" Chapter of Chicago sold community's favorite meals as a fundraising event, which raised funds for the Children of Artsakh.
The ARS "Leola Sassouni" Chapter of Watertown was also busy cooking meals for a series of community fundraisers that raised funds for ARS programs in Artsakh and local initiatives.
The ARS "Shushi" Chapter of Cambridge has continuously hosted Zoomba Classes to raise funds for Artsakh. Community members have been dancing from the comfort of their homes for a great cause.
The ARS "Knar" Chapter of Worcester raised funds for Artsakh by selling the chapters' infamous “Armenians Go Green” bags.
The ARS "Artsakh" Chapter of Cleveland has hosted several fundraising initiatives to raise funds for people of Artsakh, its namesake.
The ARS "Shakeh" Chapter of New Jersey has kicked off Armenian Carpet Weaving classes, where the participants are learning the intricacies of our rich culture. Every week, Ungh. Liza Baboghlian Minassian, chairperson of ARS Armenia Arts & Crafts Committee zooms with the participants and teaches them about all things carpet-related.
The ARS "Arax" Chapter of Merrimack Valley recently hosted a Spring Dinner, where community members picked up their delicious meals and raised funds for our programs.
The ARS "Mayr" Chapter of New York have hosted a series of events to benefit the Artsakh Relief Fund, including an Autumn Food Bazaar, Armenian Wine Sale, a Bake Sale, Lottery Raffle Tickets, and a Pottery Painting Night.
The ARS "Maro" Chapter of Detroit meticulously prepared fish to go for community members for Good Friday. Church-goers picked up their meals after church service.
The ARS "Tzolig" Chapter of Detroit diligently baked Sou Boreg for community members as a fundraising event for ARS programs.
The ARS "Agnouni" Chapter of New Jersey held a Nutcracker Raffle fundraiser, where community members won handmade Artsakh nutcrakers prepared by Talin Apkarian-Kochayan. Proceeds from the event benefitted the ARS Sponsor a Family Program.