Dear friends of the Armenian Relief Society,

The Armenian Relief Society of Eastern USA Continues to offer support to the ARS of Syria through numerous programs, helping them to sustain themselves through these difficult times.

The ARS has been active in Syria since 1919, when the Armenian Red Cross was founded in Aleppo by a group of Syrian Armenians who sought to provide relief to survivors of the Genocide. It has maintained a presence in Syria for nearly a century and it’s vital that we continue helping them to do so in this time of need. 

The ARS of Eastern USA recently donated eight new laptops to the schools in an attempt to cheer the students at the start of the new academic year.
The ARS of Eastern USA continued its effort of helping ARS Syria through Hot Meal program. ARS of Syria serves hot meals to needy families, on a weekly basis.  ARS CEB expanded the “Hot Meal” Program to twice a week and reached out to all who are in need of help. This year ARS Eastern USA has allocated $18,000 to this program.
The ARS has and will always serve the humanitarian needs of the Armenian people. Through an army of volunteers, who not only provide financial support but also donate their time and energy.
Joining these hundreds of women are family members and friends who make up the extensive ARS family. We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to all of our benefactors and supporters. We are deeply grateful for their financial and moral support.
“With the People, For the People”

ARS of Eastern USA, Inc.
80 Bigelow Ave, Suite 200
Watertown, MA 02472