Now, more than ever, our resilience is being demonstrated by our members, as they continue to help their community. Here is how our chapters are helping during COVID-19:
New Jersey
The ARS New Jersey Chapters ("Agnouni," "Armenouhi" and "Shakeh"), along with their local sister organizations delivered food to the elderly in their communities and sent baskets to the Armenian healthcare professionals for their ongoing heroic work during the pandemic.

The ARS "Armenouhi" Chapter of Bergen County also donated hand sanitizer and masks to the Armenian Nursing Home and provided lunch to local hospitals.
Cambridge & Watertown
Under the initiative and guidance of the Greater Boston ARS Social Services Program, the ARS Cambridge “Shushi” Chapter and the ARS Watertown “Leola Sassouni” Chapter helped organize and deliver care packages to 35 women in the Watertown area. They brightened up their day by providing them with an ARS reusable shopping bag packed with choreg, chocolates, face masks, an Armenian poem and a friendly note.
The ARS Chicago "Zabelle" Chapter is working with local sister organizations to help the needy families in their community. They also provided grocery boxes for 50 health care workers at a Rehab & Senior Center. One of their own members has also Ungerouhi Hermineh Kholamian is also spending her time at home by sewing masks for health care workers.
Members of the ARS "Ani" Chapter of Philadelphia, inspired by the mission of ARS devoted their time to help their community. Ungh. Shnorhik Karakelian (a member of 65 years) used her sewing skills to make hundreds of masks for the healthcare workers in the tri-state area and across the country. Another member, Silva Santerian formed FLAG 2020 SEPA (Front Line Appreciation Group of Southeastern Pennsylvania) with 2 friends and its primary goal has been providing meals to numerous hospitals. The ARS chapter contributed to her efforts by making a donation, as well. Another member, Verjin Kazandjian and her husband Aram who operate a restaurant in Broomall, PA called "Soprano's" used their kitchen and cooking skills to provide lunches and dinners to the First Responders, Churches, Hospitals and Schools. Soprano's also generously donated gift cards and 10% of all proceeds back to the Hospitals and to those in need. The ARS "Artemis" Chapter of Philadelphia, donated to the St. Gregory Charity Fund, to help parishioners in need and to the Philabundance, a local food bank.
The ARS "Mayr" Chapter of New York delivered groceries to the needy families of New York. Along with local their sister organizations, they also sent thank you gifts to health care workers for their ongoing fight on the frontlines.
The five chapters located in the Detroit area ("Sybille," Maro," "Zabel," "Shakeh," and "Tzolig") provided hot lentil soup and Lehmejoon to the residence of the Armenian Senior Citizens Tower.
The ARS "Sosseh" Chapter of Florida sent Mother's Day baskets to community members to make them feel appreciated and loved!
The ARS "Lousintak" Chapter of Lowell, donated to the Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Jamaica Plain, MA to assist with the purchase of N95 masks or the employee meal fund.
The Providence ARS "Ani" and "Arax" chapters have joined local sister organizations to assist community members in need of groceries, medical supplies, and items like masks and cleaning supplies through Sts. Vartananatz Church's “Aid to Parishioners in Need” Program.
With the People,
For the People