ARS EUSA 99th Convention News
The 99 th Convention of the Armenian Relief Society, Eastern Region (ARS,ER) took place from July 18 th – 21 st at the Hilton Garden Inn in Waltham, MA. 
Ungerouhi Ani Attar, Chairperson of Regional Executive of the ARS,ER opened the Convention welcoming the delegates, guests and observers.

Ungh. Silva Kouyoumdjian, representing the Central Executive (CE) of the ARS presented a review of their quadrennial report which focused among other items, dozens of projects in Armenia and Artsakh, updating on the status of international entities and chapters, the Vision 2020 endowment fund and the Syrian Relief Effort.

In addition to Ungh. Kouyoumdjian, Central Executive Chairwoman Ungh. Caroline Chamavonian, and Ungh Sonia Akelian, Advisor were also invited to the Eastern Region’s Convention, as well as Regional Board Guests Ungerouhiner Mimi Parseghian and Talin Daghlian.
Speakers during the formal opening ceremonies included the Very Rev. Fr. Sahag Yemishian, ​ Vicar General of the Armenian Prelacy, who congratulated the gathering and gave his words of encouragement and praise before leading the delegates and guests in prayer; as well as representatives of the sister organizations, who expressed their congratulatory messages. 
There were many issues discussed covering all aspects of the organization. Eastern Region Resolutions for the upcoming year include, but are not limited to resolutions:

*That the ARS Eastern Region hold a workshop to share and encourage its chapters in the care and spiritual comfort of the elderly in their respective communities

* That all chapters host a fundraiser(s) or make donations where all proceeds will go to raise $15,000 for the installment of air conditioning at Camp Haiastan

* The Regional Board provides an analysis and review of the impact of the Norian Youth Connect Program and makes the necessary suggestions to lead to continuous improvement

* That a one-day seminar be organized for chapter executive members followed by a social activity for all ARS members

*That the essay contest of One Day and Day Schools of the Eastern Region will now be considered a cultural pride project with any of the following assignments, but not limited to, writing, art, music, and/or videography

*That an investigative committee of professionals be formed to conduct a feasibility study regarding the possibility of establishing a senior facility for Armenians in Florida
99th Convention Tivan Chairs
Resolutions Committee Members
English and Armenian Secretaries
Resolutions for the International Convention include, but not limited to a resolution:

*Addressing the interest for an undergraduate and graduate internship program at the ARS Soseh Kindergartens in Artsakh and at the ARS Mother and Child Clinic and Birthing Center in the Akhourian Region of Armenia.

The Convention concluded with the election for Regional Board members and delegates to the International Convention. 
Ungerouhiner Ani Attar, Detroit “Tsolig;” Sandra Vartanian, New York “Erebouni;”
Johanna Chilingirian, Cambridge “Shushi;” Maral Nakashian, Washington “Satenig;” Heather Krafian, Cambridge “Shushi;” Carol Jaffarian, Worcester “Knar;” and Irma Kassabian, Washington “Satenig” comprise the 2019-2020 Regional Board.
The delegates expressed their deep appreciation to Ungerouhiner MaryAnne Bonjuklian, Bergen County “Armenouhi” and Silva Sagherian, Detroit “Tsolig” who completed their term; as well as to Ungerouhi Vartouhie Chiloyan, Executive Director of the ARS, ER.

Elected to represent the Eastern Region at the ARS 72nd International Convention were Ungerouhiner Taline Mkrtschjan, Providence “Arax;” Pauline Getzoyan, Providence “Ani;” Sandra Vartanian, New York “Erebouni;” and Mary Andonian, Florida “Sosseh.” 

The Convention concluded with congratulatory words and expressions of appreciation directed to the in-coming Board and out-going Board. The meeting was adjourned with discussions on next year’s Convention, the organizations’ 100 th .
The Regional Board commends the Watertown Leola Sassouni and Cambridge Shushi Chapters’ unselfish dedication in helping make the 99 th ARS Eastern USA Annual Convention a big success
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