The Exquisite Corpse exercise is the perfect group activity for 2-5 people to collaborate and draw a unique character. To help with ideas, choose a picture of a person, toy, or stuffed animal to help with the character inspiration. View the "ART Now" tutorial and follow these simple steps below to begin creating!

Step 1
Start with a blank piece of paper, something to draw with (crayon, colored pencils, pens, or markers), and at least three people to draw with! If you only have two, you can still make this work!

Step 2
Fold your paper in even sections (three people =three sections, two people=fold in half) along the longest edge, or hamburger-style. Measure the paper in length to divide sections in even segments. Accordion fold all sections.

Step 3
Making sure to only draw on the top-most section, create the head for your corpse. Keep this drawing a secret from your partners. Allot a specific amount of time to complete each section.

Step 4
Make sure you extend your neck lines a little onto the middle section so the next person knows where to continue from. Fold over the top section so the second person can’t see it and pass it to them.

Step 5
The second person draws the torso, again extending the bottom edge onto the bottom section so the last person knows where to continue from. When they are done drawing the torso, fold over the middle section so just the bottom section is visible and pass it along. The third person draws the legs and makes sure they connect to the torso lines.

Step 6
Unfold and enjoy in your collaborative artwork!

We want to see your creations! Please be sure to share your collaborative creations with us on Instagram and Facebook @ltycarts !
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Vision boards are great tools to set goals, visualize your future and fill yourself with inspiration! This is also a great way to be creative and express yourself!
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