Here is a fun art activity that you can do at home with the family to create the LTYC logo using scratch art! It's great for all age levels and the process takes 3 simple steps: color, paint and scratch! Painting can be messy for younger kids so we encourage adult supervision. Watch the video below for a step by step tutorial!

A small amount of black acrylic paint
1 foam brush
1-2 toothpicks or q-tips
4 crayons: red, blue, green, yellow
1 card stock base template: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE

Please note: if you don't have the LTYC card stock base template, you can draw a grid with 4 rectangles to replicate the template.

We want to see your creations! Please be sure to share your LTYC scratch art with us on Instagram and Facebook @ltycarts !
Digital Classroom Guest Speakers
LTYC’s arts educators are now available to participate in your digital classroom as a guest speaker or to answer student questions. Our team has backgrounds in visual arts, dance, theatre, music, creative writing, media arts, arts integration, and more !

Thank you for all that you are doing to ensure that our students have the best arts education resources possible during this difficult time.
Create Your Vision Board
Vision boards are great tools to set goals, visualize your future and fill yourself with inspiration! This is also a great way to be creative and express yourself!
Awakening The Arts Through Visual Art

We thank you for being a valued member of the LTYC family. Continue to stay safe!
LTYC would like to send a special THANK YOU to our First Responders & Essential Workers for their courage and support on the front lines during this pandemic to save lives and be our everyday heroes!
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