In this week's ART Now edition, we're transforming magazine cutouts into rainbow collage art! This is a great exercise to introduce color systems, develop fine motor skills and create artwork that can displayed around your home.

To complete this craft you will need the following.
  • Card stock or computer paper
  • An old magazine(s)
  • Scissors
  • Glue or glue stick
  • A pen or marker
Step 1
Gather your materials and explain the details of the activity.
Step 2
Create your rainbow base by drawing 7 arches on your craft paper. This drawing can be done by hand and doesn't need to be perfect.
Step 3
Identify the colors of the rainbow: Red , Orange , Yellow , Green , Blue , Indigo , Violet . Search for images in the magazine that reflect these colors and cut into squares or various shapes. Create 7 individual piles of each color.
Step 4
Spread a thick layer of glue across the red section of the rainbow base. Begin layering the magazine clippings from one end to the other end of the rainbow . Repeat this step until all of the colors have been glued to the rainbow base in the appropriate section.
You're All Set!
Frame your rainbow collage and display it in your home. LTYC would love to see your beautiful creations! Please be sure to take a picture and share your artwork with us at @ltycarts on Facebook and Instagram!
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Awakening The Arts Through Visual Art

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