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Thursday, October 12 , 2023

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If you still want to help, we will not turn you away! You can volunteer to

  • Set up the show today, October 12 and tomorrow, Friday, October 13, including setting up pop-up canopies, helping with lighting and decorating, assisting artists in setting up their booths.
  • Make cookies for Friday night.
  • Serve cookies, appetizers, and punch Friday night.
  • Provide Show Support by providing brief breaks for artists during the show, monitoring doors, eating area or cashier line, checking the bathrooms for supplies, being a runner to pick up purchased art from the artists’ booths.
  • Take-down when the show is over at 5 p.m. on Sunday.


 Contact Pam Dunn, [email protected] or (909) 963-8305.


You can also help us advertise the Art Show. Please “like” us on our Facebook page,

Every time you “like,” comment on and/or “share” the Art Show posts, potential guests and community members are introduced to our annual art festival.

Even if you can’t help out, be sure to see what the talented fine artists, crafters, and musicians have in store for you. You don’t want to miss it! 

Art Show Hours

Friday, Oct. 13, 6 p.m. 9 p.m.

Saturday, Oct. 14, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Sunday, Oct. 15, 11:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

A message for Art Show Sunday

Sunday, October 14 - Art Show Sunday ~ "Sojourners Quilt"

A sojourner is a person who resides temporarily in a place. 


We are all sojourners here on earth as we are, in essence, just passing through. We are each also a part of something larger than ourselves. The choices we make during our time here have a ripple effect that extends far beyond our immediate circle which makes us a vital part of a greater whole. 


On this Art Show Sunday, RUCC member Lynn Hanna will tell the story behind the creation of her Sojourner Quilt, a tribute to both Native Americans and those in this church who have come before us.  

Sunday's Scripture:

Proverbs 1: 2 - 6


  • Prayers for peace in the Middle East. (10/12)
  • Prayers for the family and friends of Mark Anderson, who passed from life to Life Wednesday morning. (10/12)
  • Prayers for Jim Sommer’s recovery from knee replacement surgery on October 12 (10/12)
  • Prayers for the friends and family of Lori Michaels, whose father passed from life to Life. (10/12)
  • Karen Rose asks for prayers for her and Daniella who were injured in a go-kart mishap. Daniella bit her tongue and Karen has a concussion.(10/4)
  • Prayers for victims of natural and human-made disasters everywhere, especially flood victims in Libya and earthquake victims in Morocco. (9/14)
  • Johanna Ballard requests prayers for her sister Cathy and her good friend Bette. (9/7)
  • Prayers for UCC's Open and Affirming Coalition leaders Rev. Dr. Rebecca Voelkel, Maggie George and Maggie's siblings who were recently in a life-changing car accident. (9/14)
  • Samantha Sanchez-French requests prayers for her father, Eric, regarding some not-so-good news about his health. (8/27)
  • Prayers for Dan Schoepf who faces continued health challenges. (8/10)
  • Prayers for Dick Ault's brother-in-law, Charles Proctor, who faces serious health problems. (8/13)
  • Steve Arth is recovering at Asistencia Villa and appreciates prayers and cards. He's beginning to walk with physical therapy. (10/3)
  • Prayers for Janet Edwards, who is in the Plymouth Village Care Center following a fall with pelvic fractures.
  • Prayers for Carla Becerril, who is on hospice and very much appreciates calls, visits, and notes.
  • Prayers for Cynthia McGuigan as she continues her healthcare journey.
  • We continue to hold in our prayers the people of Ukraine.

Ongoing Concerns:

Karen & Daniella

Jerry Andrews

Scott Ault

Dave, brother of Johanna Ballard

Cousin of Rick Cruz

Norma Erickson

Katia Hage

Mary Lou Haney

Beki Hill

Jody Hoelle

Harriet Holt, Beki Hill's mother

Jenny, Sister of Jules Rattray

Amber McGuigan

Bill Buchanan

Pastor Elaine's nephew Michael

Floyd Orr

Ryan and Evan Paul

JiRev. Dr. Rebecca Voelkel, Maggie George and Maggie's siblings

Spencer, friend of Stacey Greene

Robert Silver

Arika Torres

Rosemary Tuohy

From the Environmental Justice Team

“On Wednesday, Pope Francis issued an urgent new plea for climate action, a 7,000-word document that makes the case with precise scientific detail and a level of moral outrage that is too uncommon among other leaders of powerful institutions. …


Francis laments a broken and inequitable global political system that, despite years of negotiations and agreements, has failed to curb this existential threat. He takes aim at rich, high-polluting countries, including the United States, for an ‘irresponsible lifestyle’ and an outsize role in causing suffering in poor countries that are responsible for a ‘minimal portion of historic emissions.’ He quotes bishops from the Amazon basin and Africa who decry humanity’s ‘attacks on nature’ and call climate change ‘a tragic and striking example of structural sin.’ …


We need more spiritual leaders to step up and make clear what a moral failing it is for politicians to continue a fossil-fuel-based system that harms us all and consigns future generations to grave suffering. Religious leaders of all creeds should spread the word that our planet’s fate rests in humanity’s hands.”


Quoted from: “Pope Francis is right. World leaders have a moral imperative to abandon fossil fuels.” Los Angeles Times editorial, 10/8/23.

Racial Justice reflection of the week

The United States is failing at a fundamental mission — keeping people alive.


This phenomenon is exacerbated by the country’s economic, political and racial divides. America is increasingly a country of haves and have-nots, measured not just by bank accounts and property values but also by vital signs and grave markers. Dying prematurely has become the most telling measure of the nation’s growing inequality.


The pandemic amplified a racial gap in life expectancy that had been narrowing in recent decades. In 2021, life expectancy for Native Americans was 65 years; for Black Americans, 71; for White Americans, 76; for Hispanic Americans, 78; and for Asian Americans, 84.



Stand with Israel vigil - Thursday, October 12 at 7:00 p.m.

There will be a "stand with Israel vigil" at Congregation Emanu El, 1495 Ford Street, Redlands on Thursday, October 12 beginning at 7:00 p.m.

The shelves are pretty bare at YouthHope! Please help stock them!

In the month of October, we'll again be helping YouthHope collect non-perishable items such as snacks, canned goods, spaghetti, rice, cereal, etc. YouthHope hands out over 70 boxes of groceries a month to youth and families in the community.

YouthHope was incredibly grateful for our last donation. They even sent us thoughtful thank-you cards that you can see in Covenant Hall on the bulletin board in the corner. Let's show them our support again this month! Thanks to all for your generosity!

The Covenants are here! The Covenants are here!

Covenant Booklets are here!

The 2024 Covenant Booklets are now available in Covenant Hall after church each Sunday. You may also pick yours up in the office, Mondays through Thursdays between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Can't make it to church? Use the link above to download a booklet from the RUCC website.

November 5 is Covenant Sunday. Please have your completed 2024 Covenant ready to turn in on or before that date. If you'd like to submit your covenant electronically you may email it to [email protected]. This mailbox is accessible only to the Pastor.

Quarterly gathering on Sunday, October 22

Are you having trouble deciding what to do with the "Time and Talent portion of your Covenant? Here's your chance to hear a brief presentation from each of the areas. This may help you decide where your interests and talents can be of real service to RUCC!

The gathering will occur in Covenant Hall, and you'll have a chance to get some food before we begin! There may be other brief reports as well. Please attend and learn the latest news about what's happening at your church.

In case you missed it -- Urgent appeal from the Southern California Nevada Conference office

Information here

Youth Group and the Christmas Pageant

The RUCC Youth Group has already begun preparing for this year’s Christmas Pageant! For those who don’t know, there is a longstanding tradition at RUCC for the Youth Group to take the lead in developing the annual Christmas pageant.


This year’s production looks to be as fun (and funny!) as ever. It will be performed during worship on December 10. If you haven’t yet contacted Andrea Morics about your child having a part in the play, please send an email to [email protected]. We will have roles for all ages Grade 12 and under.

Book Group News

The RUCC Book Group’s November selection is Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano. The group will meet to discuss the book on Sunday, November 5, after church at noon, in the Founders Room. Kathie Blakley will lead the discussion.

Estrangement and reconciliation in an Italian-American family: Ann Napolitano's new novel, "Hello Beautiful," is about loving each other just as we are.“ (NPR’s Scott Simon)

“An exquisite homage to Louisa May Alcott’s timeless classic, "Little Women," "Hello Beautiful" is a profoundly moving portrait of what is possible when we choose to love someone not in spite of who they are, but because of it.” (Amazon Review)

"Trunk or Treat" on Saturday, October 28

Trunk or Treat is filling up fast!

Our very popular Trunk or Treat event has actually reached capacity on Eventbrite.

But don’t worry: we still have room!

Follow this link to sign up.


You’ll need to enter this password: RUCC (all caps).

Can’t wait to see you at this year’s Trunk or Treat!

Mentone UCC plans gospel concert November 11

November 11, at 5 p.m. is the date set for Mentone UCC's Gospel Concert "Make a Joyful Noise."

The church is located at 1205 Beryl Ave., Mentone, CA 92359.

After a two-year absence, RAIC is returning to the concept of a community choir for our annual Thanksgiving service. The organist will be Jeffrey Rickard, Minister of Music at Trinity. Tina Skousen (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) will be the guest director.






NOVEMBER 19, 2023

4:00 p.m

Trinity Episcopal,

419 S. Fourth Street

Anthems chosen this year are Handel’s Thanks Be to Thee and Rutter’s For the Beauty of the Earth.  

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  • October 13-15 - Art, for Heaven's Sake!
  • October 22 - Quarterly Gathering - see article above.
  • October 28 - "Trunk or Treat" at RUCC
  • October 29 - All Saints Sunday
  • November 5 - Daylight Savings Time ends -- "Fall back" Saturday night!
  • November 5 - COVENANT SUNDAY - Please have your completed Covenant ready to turn in on or before Nov. 5
  • November 5 - Book Group meets after church. See article above.
  • November 11 - Mentone UCC Gospel Concert
  • November 12 - Pet Blessing Sunday
  • November 12 - Wider Ministries quarterly meeting
  • November 12 - Worship Committee
  • November 19 - Annual Community Thanksgiving service at Trinity Episcopal Church

The church calendars are found at

Click on "calendar" in the red banner near the top of the page

This Week at Redlands United Church of Christ

Sunday, October 15

  • 10:30 a.m. - Worship Service - Art Show Sunday (no Seekers, Kids Zone, Nursery care or Sunday School)
  • 11:30 a.m. - to 5:00 p.m. Final day of AFHS
  • Take-down begins at 5 p.m.

Monday, October 16

Tuesday, October 17

  • 11 a.m.- Munch and Muse Lunch group
  • 7:00 p.m. Board Meeting

Wednesday, October 18

  • Noon - Lunch Bunch with Pastor Elaine

Thursday, October 19

  • 6:30 p.m. - Settled Pastor Search Committee

Friday, October 20

  • 7 p.m. Closed women's AA meeting

Saturday, October 21

Sunday, October 22

  • 9:15 a.m. - Seekers
  • 9:30 a.m. - Kids Zone
  • 10:30 a.m. - Worship Service and Sunday School
  • 11:30 - Fellowship time

RUCC Staff

Interim Pastor: Rev. Elaine Schoepf

Honorary Minister of Arts and Worship:  Rev. Erin Beardemphl

Music Director: David Wells

Associate Music Director: Sophia Ohanian

Children's Education Director: Susi Jacobsen

Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries: Vacant

Office and Property Manager: Veronica Bermudez

Child Care: Joette Orman



Phone: 909-793-3520


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