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A BRIGHT spot in every child's day!

We are excited to launch our new weekly artist video series - Arts Connection! We are on a mission to have our talented YA Teaching Artists continue to be a BRIGHT SPOT in every child's day!

Every Monday we'll be sharing our extraordinary teaching artists in action so children across the region can stay CONNECTED to and INSPIRED by the arts while learning remotely.

We encourage you to share these interactive video performances with the students, educators, and families in your school community.

Villalobos Brothers
Through the fusion of powerful lyrics and high-energy movements, the Villalobos Brothers use their violins and voices to redefine contemporary Mexican music. Students will experience joy and appreciation for the extraordinary musicianship of these three violinists as they dance, stomp, and sing along!

Students will:
☀️Explore the musical traditions of Veracruz, Mexico by listening, singing and dancing to the music of the Villalobos Brothers
☀️Be able to identify the influences and inspiration in the Villalobos Brothers’ music
☀️Hear a trio of instruments and voices working in different combinations

Check out the STUDY GUIDE for Fusión Mexicana for ways to enhance student learning.
In this mesmerizing one-woman acrobatic performance, Li Liu performs hand balancing, plate spinning, artistic cycling, ribbon dancing, foot juggling, and more. Students will be be amazed by Li Liu's artistry and even get to test their own balancing skills!

Students will:
☀️Be introduced to the culture and acrobatic/dance heritage of China.
☀️Appreciate the skill and technique involved in performing traditional Chinese acrobatics.
☀️Gain a greater appreciation for diverse historical traditions.

Check out the STUDY GUIDE for Traditions of Chinese Acrobatics for ways to enhance student learning.
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