Beginning November 2016
Promotion for NEW CLIENTS!
Monday and Thursdays between 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm.
By Appointment Only
 $35 per session* 

After four years of prototypes and thousands of testing hours, this past May we were lucky enough to get the first, Made in the USA, ARX ALPHA, delivered from the ARX manufacturer  located in Austin Texas.  
With the addition of this newly arrived, cutting-edge, motorized resistance ARX ALPHA, clients have been experiencing positive gains in muscle and bone strength levels, improved tone, increased energy levels and endurance.  It's amazing to see these results in a relatively short period of time.  Yes, participants are getting a safe and intense, full body, major muscle, tendon and ligament workout in just six minutes. You heard that right, 6 minutes!
Most people use this excuse: "I DON'T HAVE TIME TO WORKOUT" NO EXCUSES NOW!  Hop in the ARX and invest in only 6 intense exercise minutes per session, one or two times per week. No more than that.   Not only will you save time, but time is money! In the long run, hopefully, you'll stay away from doctors and hospitals because of less health issues due to our exclusive short, slow movement exercise routines. Why not live longer and stronger?
Clients are benefiting from the super efficiency of this magical work-out, and loving the time savings, not found with any other exercise program in the Chicago area, be it a health club or private studio.

The Promotion: New clients will receive a discounted rate of $35.00 for a time slotted appointment,  in 20 minute intervals offered on Mondays and/or Thursdays only between the hours of 1 pm to 6 pm. Twenty minutes is enough time for the instructor to explain the quantifiable computer results of the ARX AlPHA to new clients, but the actual "full body exercise" will be completed in the required 6 minutes.  The exercises will consist of three compound, horizontal movements including the Leg Press, Chest Press and the Row.  This general physical conditioning program is great for any person who needs a quick break from the home or office, and/or for after school students ages 14 and older, athletic or not.  Not only does one gain muscle and strong bones, it's a way to build confidence and self-esteem, release stress and a way to improve posture at any and every stage of one's life!  The workout environment is private, quiet and clean. And you don't have to change out of your everyday clothes.  

Walk in -"Work out"- Walk out in only 20 minutes! 
Results in no time!
Convenient and Time Saving.

Harold Keen

This special ARX ALPHA promotion will be coached one-on-one by Harold Keen, our newest personal strength trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise. Harold has been a long time client and helped with the testing/development stage with the ARX machines.

The first visit will be a COMPLIMENTARY introductory 40 minute appointment.  This session will allow enough time for a health assessment and a trial ARX experience coordinated by both Marshall and Harold.

This limited time offer is for first time clients only, but current clients can also benefit.  If you  refer someone new to Harold, and they sign up, you will receive a complimentary session with any instructor. Word of mouth is our only and best way to advertise this amazing service and benefit. Do yourself (and someone you care about!) a  strong favor. Refer those special someones (spouse or other family relatives, work associates, or good friends) to Marshall's 584. Have them contact Marshall (via phone, 847-530-3678 or email) for a no obligation chat for information and first appointment registration.  Think about who would benefit from this fantastic program and forward them this email/newsletter. Plus this exercise program is a great holiday gift idea or stocking stuffer to give to someone special in your life. Gift certificates are now available.  

Refer and purchase a "ten session" gift certificate for a new client, and you will receive two complimentary workouts.

It's been a great summer and fall. We  hope you're still enjoying it. The seasons will change, but don't change your exercise regimen at Marshall's 584.  Now let's get ready for the holiday season! And a GIGANTIC "THANK YOU" for your past and continuous patronage.  It's our first year anniversary. And going strong. Let's continue the journey.

*ten session package deposit required after initial introductory session

ARX is the safest and most effective form of resistance training to-date. Utilizing motorized resistance (instead of weights) and computer controlled-software, ARX machines provide you with efficient and measurable resistance training like no other technology can.
ARX - Adaptive Resistance Exercise - 
The exclusive ALPHA model 
is now featured at Marshall's 584

You must try it to believe it.



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