January 12, 2016

New Edition! Lesson Plans to Train Like You Fly
Author Arlynn McMahon presents lesson plans for flight instructors in the form of scenario-based "maneuver briefings." A rich resource for active instructors, these lesson plans are also helpful to CFI applicants preparing their own materiĀ­als. Lesson Plans can also be used as a companion book for flight instructors who are following the principles of scenario-based training taught in Arlynn's first book, Train Like You Fly: A Flight Instructor's Guide to Scenario-Based Training.

This new second edition of Lesson Plans is designed to work in complement with any syllabus and has been updated to reflect the FAA Airman Certification Standards (ACS) and Practical Test Standards (PTS). It explains how to teach each maneuver, making the flight instructor's favorite syllabus curriculum even more effective and enjoyable for flight students. Each maneuver briefing features a series of drawings instructors can discuss with their students or replicate in the classroom and an accompanying script to teach from, which includes a story or motivation on the why and how the maneuver is applied in actual flight. Common errors are discussed in the form of keys to success, to positively inspire students to become sound aviation citizens.

Softcover, 8.375" x 10.875", black & white, 192 pages. New part number ASA-LESSON-PLAN2 replaces previous part number ASA-LESSON-PLANS. Returns for unused, unsold copies of ASA-LESSON-PLANS will be accepted from distributors only through March 31, 2017.

Shipping Mid-January!

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ISBN 978-1-61954-490-1

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