October 20, 2016

Student Flight Record for Private Pilot Airplane
New Edition Updated to Comply with ACS
ASA's new edition of the Student Flight Record for Private Pilot Airplane has been updated to comply with the ACS (Airman Certification Standards). This folder makes the CFI's job easier by providing a record of accomplishments for each lesson, student performance, flight hours, and much more.

All Area of Operations and Tasks from the Private Pilot Airplane ACS-6 are accounted for, including preflight preparation, preflight procedures, airport operations, takeoffs and landings, go-arounds, performance maneuvers, navigation, slow flight and stalls, basic instrument maneuvers, emergency operations, night operations and postflight procedures. Multi-engine tasks and seaplane tasks have been separated into their own grouping for improved organization. New blank fields are provided for instructors to identify more tasks.

The folder satisfies both Part 61 and 141 record-keeping requirements and serves as a permanent training record for each student. The flight section allows entry for date, aircraft number, aircraft type, dual/solo flight time, cross-country and nighttime, instrument instruction, day/night landings ground instruction and simulator time.

4-panel folder, heavy card stock, 9.5" x 11.75" (folded), 9.5" x 35.75" (expanded). Returns  for unused, unsold copies of ASA-SFR-P4 will be accepted from distributors only through December 31st, 2016.

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