April 15, 2019
ASA Federal Advocacy Campaign & Health Fair
L.Acs Take Capitol Hill!!
Come join the ASA as we implement our federal grassroots campaign on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC! One of the most important reasons to attend the inaugural meeting is to take part in federal advocacy with your fellow professionals and industry members.

The Health Legislative Aides from the Offices of Congresswoman Judy Chu and Congresswoman Jackie Walorski are our honored speakers on Saturday, June 1st. They will present to our audience what the key components are that they look for when speaking with constituents about what they are advocating for. Sunday, June 2nd will provide those taking part in the Fly-In with three hours of training to be able to hit Capitol Hill with the most effective messages and one unified voice.

Monday, June 3rd, the ASA will set up in the Rayburn House Office Building foyer for a Health Fair that involves acupuncture treatments, Chinese dietary seasonal dishes, herbal and tea displays for Members of Congress and their staff. Simultaneously, ASA Convention attendees will be able to meet with their Representatives from both the District they live in and work in, as well as their State Senators.

Given the current state of health care in the US, we urge ALL of you who are L.Acs, students of acupuncture or suppliers of the industry to come be heard. The larger the turnout, the more effect we will have.


How to Participate? Easy as 1-2-3:
  1. Attend ASA Convention June 1-2. It is mandatory that you attend this event in order to take part on June 3.
  2. Attend Training Session(s)
  3. Train to use Congress Web Link for Schedule, Talking Points, Surveys & More.
What You Need to Know to Participate
What is a Federal Fly-In?
At the heart of Grassroots Advocacy is the Federal Fly-In. Unlike state legislative efforts, which often involve one piece of legislation being shepherded from introduction to passage and being signed by the Governor in a matter of months, a Federal effort is much more time-consuming and requires an understanding of procedure along with policy.


They are almost never completed in one Congressional session (which is 2 years long,) and are often rolled into multiple Congressional sessions where processes must start over and repeat. If you go into a Federal Legislative initiative not understanding that this is a long process, your members may begin to suffer from “advocacy fatigue”. Therefore, it’s important that they understand they will need stamina and to learn the process well.

In it’s simplest explanation, your association members are literally “flying in” to Capitol Hill in Washington, DC to meet with their Congressional Representatives and Senators, key members of Committees and their staff in order to ask for what you’ve determined is important.
Key Components: The "Ask", Training & Delivery
ASK #1
Acupuncture for Our Heroes Act
Sponsor: Rep. Judy Chu
House Ask: Please Co-Sponsor
Senate Ask: Companion Bill

Reintroduced this Congressional Session February 13th, the main thing Congresswoman Chu is seeking at this time is Co-sponsors. The more co-sponsors a bill has, the more likely it will get a hearing, CBO Score and eventually pass out of Committee. A recent effort garnered 3 co-sponsors: Rep. Robin Kelly Robin (D-IL-2), Rep. Yvette Clark (D-NY-9) & Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY- 6).

The Bill was assigned to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs and therefore we will have a particular target of all 28 members of this Committee.

From the Senate, we will ask for a Companion Bill to be Sponsored and Introduced. That can come from any member of the Senate.

ASK #2
To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act with respect to compounding pharmacies, and for other purposes
Sponsors: Rep. Morgan Griffith
& Rep. Henry Cuellar
House Ask: Please Co-Sponsor
Senate Ask: Companion Bill

Reintroduced in this Congressional Session with the original bipartisan sponsors, they are seeking to add as many members from the original co-sponsor list of 62, add more Democrat support and target members of the Committee it was assigned to: House Standing Committee on Energy & Commerce. To date, there are only 6 co-sponsors signed on after introduction on 3/28/19. They are Rep. Earl L. "Buddy" Carter (R-GA-1 ) , Rep. Jaime Herrera Buetler (R-WA-3 ) , Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT-1 ), Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT-2 ), Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL-6 ), & Rep. Clarke, Yvette D. (D-NY-9 ).

We will be seeking a sponsor for a companion bill on the Senate side.
ASK #3
Congressional Integrative
Health & Wellness Caucus
Bi-Partisan Co-Chairs
Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA-27th)
Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN-2nd)
House ONLY Ask: Join the Caucus

Perhaps the easiest ask of all is to get your Congressman to join the Integrative Health & Wellness Caucus. This is an effort to build a voting block in Congress that consistently seeks out information from organizations that represent practitioners of disciplines that are not currently considered "mainstream medicine".

Below is a video of Congresswomen Chu and Walorski at their recent Caucus event devoted to showcasing nonpharmacological treatment options for pain management, what models of care are possible or currently exist, and what the barriers to access are. Allow both Representatives words to help inform this "ask".
The "Ask"
The "Ask" is the single most important portion of a successful unified campaign
ASA Members have determined where they would like to focus their efforts. Conference attendees will learn the "asks" and be trained on delivery. Unlike state initiatives, it is not as simple as just asking your Congressional Representatives to support or oppose a piece of legislation. You will determine specific parts to ask for.

Specific things to Ask for if supporting a legislative effort:
  • If your association wrote the legislation, you will ask for a CONGRESSIONAL SPONSOR and a SENATE SPONSOR.
  •  If your association did not write the legislation and it has been introduced, you will ask for CO-SPONSORS or A COMMITTEE HEARING, a COMPANION BILL IN THE OTHER CHAMBER (which would then seek more co-sponsors and a committee hearing request,) or AN AMENDMENT DURING MARK-UP.
  • If a bill has made it through mark-up, you will ask for a COMMITTEE VOTE to get it out of the committee and onto the next process.
  • Once a bill has made it through committee, you may have to ask for RECONCILIATION LANGUAGE TO REMAIN CONSISTENT BETWEEN CHAMBERS.

Specific things to Ask for if supporting a regulatory effort:

  • If a law has a regulatory agency with the authority to determine stakeholders or clarify who can participate in what is legislated, your members can ask for Members of Congress to put forth a DEAR COLLEAGUE ASKING FOR CLARIFICATION, DIRECTION OR DETERMINATION, or for an agency to consider a PILOT PROJECT.

Other Things to Ask Members of Congress for:



We will hold webinars that will dive deeper into each piece of legislation so that you can answer any questions. We will develop all materials for you to drop off in your meetings. We will train you on your techniques for each meeting so that by the time you hit Capitol Hill, you will feel confident in your ability to deliver the "ask" and answer any questions Congressional Staff may ask you. We will have technological support for follow-up and keeping up with the activities of the day. There will be ground support on the day of the fly-in should you need anything at all.
Introducing Congress to Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, and Seasonal Foods
Inside the Grand Foyer of the 1st Floor of the Rayburn House Office Building, we will hold a Health Fair devoted to introducing Congressional Members and their Staff to everything that Licensed Acupuncturists have to offer for Health & Wellness. There will be stations for Chinese herbal samples to be displayed, stations that offer food that resonates with the Spring, and Licensed Acupuncturists delivering treatments that include acupuncture and tui na.

All Exhibitors who want to take part must contact the Fly-In Coordinator, Kallie Guimond for more details at kguimondasa@gmail.com or 240-432-7522.
We Need 20 L.Ac Volunteers to Perform Acupuncture at Capitol Hill Health Fair
We're Creating a Healing Space
Thanks to our Congressional Sponsor, Democratic Presidential Hopeful Congressman Tim Ryan, we have a large enough space to offer acupuncture to Members of Congress, their staff, and all who visit the Capitol on June 3! Representative Ryan committed two years ago to help us gain exposure and continue to build it out. He is also responsible for the new Congressional Wellness Office which will play a role in promoting Wellness options and events to those who work on Capitol Hill.

What We Are Looking For:

  • 20 Licensed Acupuncturists willing to be anonymous for the day and commit to two hours of acupuncture treatments in 20 minute increments.

  • 5 Experienced Licensed Acupuncturists willing to answer any questions individuals may have about acupuncture throughout the day.


  • As a Coordinator, we are looking for practitioners who have at least 5 years experience.

  • For both positions, candidates must:
  • Attend ASA Conference
  • Be licensed in their state
  • Carry Malpractice Insurance
  • Be a member of an ASA-affiliated State Association (no time frame for membership...we encourage all to join their state association if wanting to take part in this event.)
  • Be willing to use their own supplies
  • Be willing to adhere to dress code
  • Be willing to stick with safety protocols
  • Be able to be on your feet for two hours
  • Be willing to help set-up/tear-down

For all interested please email Amy Mager the following application. We thank you all for considering this incredibly important position when we introduce acupuncture on the largest scale Capitol Hill has ever seen!
Acupuncture Students:
You HAVE A National Association!
Come Join the ASA Student Association
Call to Action for Students:
by Blake Langley
ASA Student Committee Chair
A separate project within the ASA is the development of a Student Committee. With current representation from Oregon, Illinois, Tennessee, North Carolina, Minnesota, and California, the group plans to bring together acupuncture students across the United States and expand its scope to all states! The goal of the ASA Student Committee is to build a greater community between students while still in school and to promote training in advocacy efforts and training for pre-professionals.

As we know, there are many states that don’t have acupuncture schools. The beauty of joining the state association in your school’s state is that you’re able to be kept abreast of not only your state’s legislative changes, but what’s going on in others through the collaboration with the ASA. By supporting your state association, you are promoting a foundational shift in the support for federal and other state legislative efforts.

As Kallie Guimond says, “Advocacy begins with the students.” The training students will receive at the 2019 ASA Conference will include workshops on approaching legislators on the Hill as well as an in-depth strategic planning session led by members from the Student Committee to inform the group how the Committee can best serve the needs of students. Your voice is imperative to ignite change! 
So the Question is: How Do I Get Involved?
  1. Join your state association – this will grant you membership into the ASA!
  2. Register for the conference!
  3. Book your Hotel Room!! The cut-off for $179 rate is May 9th!
  4. Follow @asastudents on Instagram as we build the social media presence of the ASA!
  5. Contact Blake Langley at students@asascu.org for more information!
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