September 2019 Newsletter
From the Chair of the American Society of Acupuncturists

Dear Colleagues, Friends, and Supporters:

On September 26 th  the ASA held a national Council teleconference where we conducted the formal business of the organization.  We are working very hard at present to consider the best ways to develop all aspects of the organization, and input and feedback from our growing and extensive Council has been invaluable.
I want to take this space to make a formal welcome to Olivia Hsu Friedman (Illinois) and Andy McIntyre (Oregon) who now join our board!  They were both voted on as full board members at our teleconference.  Both Olivia and Andy bring extensive experience with state leadership to the national level.  Olivia also brings extensive media and big-business experience to us, and Andy is currently the Associate Dean of the Classical Chinese Medicine Clinical Education program at National University of Natural Medicine.  We are thrilled to bring them onto our team!

We are also delighted to welcome FOUR new state association members to our ranks as of this meeting.  We welcome the Acupuncture Association of Missouri, the Kentucky State Acupuncture Association, the California Acupuncture & Traditional Medicine Association (CalATMA), and the Nebraska Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Association.  With these valued additions, we bring our numbers to 34 paid state associations, and raise our individual paid, practitioner member numbers to approximately 5000 (through their memberships in our paid state association member groups.)

The profession is coalescing and maturing.  Together, we are being recognized nationally and internationally as leaders in the field.  We do this best in unification, and heartily thank all of the leaders who serve on our board and council, and to the visionaries in all states who bring both these new member organizations and our existing membership groups together.  We are seeing the fruits of our labors appearing, and wish you all an abundant late summer!   


David W. Miller, MD, LAc
Chair, American Society of Acupuncturists
Welcome to the ASA Job Openings Board! 
We encourage all submissions which promote gainful employment in our profession. Please do not hesitate to submit job postings, office space rentals or if you know someone who wants to sell their practice, we would be more than happy to add them as well. Please submit to so your submissions can be added to the board.
The ASA does reserve the right to edit one’s posting for tact, tenor, and tone, if it may be perceived as potentially inappropriate by others. To ensure the job openings board remains easy to use, please let me know when your submission is filled.

Thank you for all you do for our profession.
Christine Cronin
Board Member at Large
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The east coast acupuncture societies have come together to host the first annual Atlantic Symposium! Designed to highlight all the resources, talent and expertise present on the east coast, please join us for exciting presentations and speakers, continuing education, exhibitors, a silent auction and networking opportunities with your colleagues!

There are single day options for $299. Vendor booth rates are $1500 for event.

Hotel rates are $129/night.

16 PDAs Pending (NCCAOM)


Saturday, October 5, 2019 at 9:00 AM EDT
Sunday, October 6, 2019 at 5:00 PM EDT


Hilton Newark Airport Hotel  
1170 Spring St
Elizabeth, NJ 07201

For Inquiries:
Kallie Guimond
Atlantic Symposium Coordinator

Integrative Healthcare: Acupuncture in the Mainstream

Trigger Point Acupuncture:
Structural Unwinding and Removal of Pain Patterns
Preparing for Birth and Sitting the Month
Introduction to Chinese Medicine Psychology 
Billing Practices in Acupuncture
Using Goals, Process, and Data to Drive Practice Success
Postural Assessment, the Channel Sinews ( Jingjin ), and the  Zangfu
TCM’s Critical Role in Solving the Lyme Epidemic
One Formula. Many Diseases:
The Flexible Applications of Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang
Acupuncture Policy Efforts & Effects
National Advocacy:
The Work of the American Society of Acupuncturists

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture:
The Modern Application of Ancient Mei Rong
Acupuncture Research an its Role in the Taking Acupuncture into the Mainstream
Selected Legal Issues to Consider in Starting and Running an Acupuncture Practice
Dear Colleagues,

Please consider joining us at the 5th annual ATCMA/TCMAA conference in Los Angeles, CA on October 5-6. This will be an outstanding opportunity to see top lecturers from China, and experience a truly intercultural event. Many lectures will be in Chinese with simultaneous English translation.

This is one of the best opportunities to connect with the Chinese practitioner community, and make connections with experts from mainland China.
Monthly Legislative & Regulatory Report
Our legislative/regulatory focus this month:

Request for Information for the Development of a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Action Plan to Prevent Opioid Addiction and Enhance Access to Medication - Assisted Treatment

Dear Colleagues:

The CMS invites us to submit feedback regarding ways that CMS can help address the nation’s opioid crisis through the development of an action plan. For additional information, click here .

To ensure your comments receive consideration, please submit your comments electronically to by 5 PM EDT
on October 11, 2019. Please provide the name, organization, address, contact number, and email address of the commenter. 

CMS is soliciting feedback on the following questions:

Questions on Acute and Chronic Pain:
1. What actions can CMS take to enhance access to appropriate care for acute and/or chronic pain in Medicare and Medicaid, including:

a. For special populations (for example, individuals with sickle cell anemia or
individuals living in health professional shortage areas) and/or
b. Through remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and other telecommunications

2. What, if any, payment and coverage policies under Medicare and/or Medicaid for the
treatment of acute and/or chronic pain, do you believe, may have contributed to the use of
opioids? If answering this question, please provide information on how these policies have

3. What, if any, payment and coverage policies in Medicare and/or Medicaid have enhanced or impeded access to non-opioid treatment of acute and/or chronic pain?

4. What evidence-based treatments, Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved
evidence-based medical devices, applications, and/or services and items for the following
conditions are not covered, or have limited coverage for Medicare beneficiaries with

a. Acute and/or chronic pain
b. Pain and behavioral health needs requiring integrated care across pain management
and substance use disorder (SUDs), with consideration of high risk patients (i.e.
multiple medications, suicide risk)?

5. What payment and service delivery models, such as those that utilize multimodal and
multi-disciplinary approaches to effectively manage acute and chronic pain and minimize
the risk of opioid misuse and OUD, could be tested by the Center for Medicare and
Medicaid Innovation or through other federal demonstration projects?

a. What existing models, treatments or strategies identify and effectively manage the
population of individuals misusing prescription opioids or using illicit opioids who
then develop new or exacerbating pain?

6. What can CMS do to better ensure appropriate care management for Medicare beneficiaries with pain who transition across settings, and/or between pain therapies?

7. How can Medicare and Medicaid data collection for acute and chronic pain better support coverage, payment, treatment, access policies, and ongoing monitoring?

8. What other issues should CMS consider to improve coverage and payment policies in
Medicare and Medicaid to enhance access to and effective management of beneficiaries
with acute and/or chronic pain?

Questions on Substance Use Disorders, including Opioid Use Disorders:

1. What, if any, payment and coverage policies under Medicare and/or Medicaid for the
treatment of SUDs, including MAT, do you believe, may help address the Nation’s opioid
crisis? If answering this question, please provide information on how these policies may

2. What, if any, payment and coverage policies in Medicare and/or Medicaid have enhanced or impeded the identification of, and access to the treatment by, beneficiaries with SUDs, including OUD?

3. What evidence-based treatments, FDA-approved evidence-based medical devices,
applications, and/or services that treat or monitor SUD, including OUD, monitor substance
use withdrawal and/or prevent opioid misuse and opioid overdose are not covered, or have limited coverage, in Medicare?

4. What payment and service delivery models that identify and treat people with pain who are at risk of, or have a past history of, OUD, could be tested by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, or through other federal demonstration projects?

5. What actions could CMS take to improve access to evidence-based, FDA-approved MAT or other therapies in Medicare and Medicaid, including for special populations (for
example individuals living in health professional shortage areas)?

6. What can CMS do to expand program access to the treatment of SUDs, including OUD, in Medicare and Medicaid through remote patient monitoring, telehealth, telecommunications and other technologies?

7. What recommendations do you have for data collection in Medicare and/or Medicaid

a. On the treatment of SUDs, including OUD, to better support coverage, payment,
treatment, access policies, and ongoing monitoring, and/or
b. To facilitate research, policy development, and inform coverage and payment
policies to prevent OUD?

8. What recommendations do you have to lower prices of drugs used to reverse opioid
overdoses (e.g., naloxone) for consumers?
9. What other issues should CMS consider to improve coverage and payment policies in
Medicare and Medicaid to enhance the identification of, treatment access by, and the
treatment of beneficiaries with SUDs, including OUD?

Public comments will be posted on the CMS website for viewing.

information and planning purposes; it does not constitute a Request for Proposal (RFP), applications, proposal abstracts, or quotations. This RFI does not commit the U.S. Government to contract for any supplies or services or make a grant award.

The Board of the American Society of Acupuncturists
Below are paid advertisements. The American Society of Acupuncturists does not endorse or evaluate any of the below products or services.
ACUPROFIT is a success driven seminar that teaches you how to maximize your treatment recommendations.

Throughout the loaded 2 day training session, we teach you a formula that   gets the  “yes”  to the recommended   care plan at the fee you know it is worth. 

Is your treatment worth more than what insurance chooses to pay you? Absolutely. 

Is ACUPROFIT beneficial to learn when you are accepting insurance or VA reimbursements? Yes.

Not only is it beneficial it is CRITICAL. 

Is ACUPROFIT beneficial to learn if I have a cash only clinic or I want to get out of accepting insurance patients? Yes.

This is the future. So consider yourself ahead of your peers. 

The ACUPROFIT Seminar covers:

  • Improving Patient Retention.
  • Boosting Treatment Quality and Wellness Plans.
  • How to Collect Higher Fees by Building Value.
  • Ending ‘tier’ systems and reliance on small reimbursements.

The priceless benefits of attending the ACUPROFIT Seminar:

  • You will have more TIME to travel without losing money.
  • You will have more TIME to enjoy the big and little things in your life that mean the most to you.
  • You will have more MONEYTreat your patients on your terms, your days and per your fees.
  • You will have more ENERGY. You do not have to be exhausted and dread Mondays.
  • You will have the ability to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle that offers an integrated WORK LIFE balance.

ACUPROFIT Seminar - For Acupuncturists Who Want To Get Paid What They Are Worth!

DATE:        October 11-12, 2019

PLACE:       Des Moines Acupuncture Clinic, PC in Des Moines, IA 

INVESTMENT: Before August 31, 2019 ~ $3,868 . After September 1, 2019 ~ $4,297.
Phone: 515-277-9998

ASA Sponsor, Treasure of the East, has a new website!  

ASA members can enjoy 20% off your first order with the promo code WELCOMEONLINE20

by clicking HERE .
ASA Members: State Associations in Action
In December 2018, the first 11 board trustees were elected by the founding members and in January 2019 the board selected officers. As a new organization, there is much to do to organize and bring California acupuncturists together and speaking in one voice. With over 12,000 active licensed acupuncturists in California, this is a big task and will take time and energy. 

With a determined and active board, we strive to unify acupuncturists in California and collaborate nationally, advocating for acupuncturists and TEAM physicians, protecting and advancing scope of practice, promoting the acupuncture profession, and uniting allies to stand as one.

(In picture left to right)

Eugene Park, Scott Phelps(treasurer), Angela Lee, Peter Lecke, Rona Ma(President), Neal Miller, Michael Fox, YongPing Chen(Vice-President), Robert Kehl, Victoria Tuan, Jung Eun Seo(Secretary)
Lhasa OMS  and  FSOMA  
are Proud to Sponsor 

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture™: The New Protocols

Date: October 25-27, 2019  9am-6pm

24 CEU/PDAs - Florida, California and NCCAOM

Early Bird: $600, FSOMA Members Pricing Available, Students 1/2 price ends Sept 25th, 2019 

After Early Bird: $700, FSOMA Member Pricing Available, Students 1/2 price 

Location: Hilton Garden Inn Palm Beach Gardens, 3505 Kyoto Gardens Dr, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Mary Elizabeth Wakefield. L. Ac., Dipl. Ac., M. S., M. M.      
AAAOM Educator of the Year; 
Author, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture, (Elsevier UK, 2014)

Internationally recognized teacher and practitioner of facial acupuncture

For more information about Mary Elizabeth go to . The protocols in this seminar are based upon those found in Ms. Wakefield’s book, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture, published by Elsevier (UK), shown at right.  Please note:  protocols and material not found in the book will also be introduced.

Participants will learn:

1. How to treat 12 problematic areas of the facial landscape with gentle and effective acupuncture and origin/insertion muscle techniques;

2. Three levels of constitutional treatment:

         Jing:  8 Extraordinary meridians; TCM patterns, syndromes, specific emotions and types of facial imbalances;
       Ying: 12 Regular meridians and 5 phases; their syndromes, addressed through Japanese, Vietnamese, TCM, and Ms. Wakefield's own, acupuncture treatments;
         Wei:  Tendinomuscular meridians, trigger, motor and "ashi" points, for "Coat Hanger" and "Wandering Skirt" syndromes, etc.

3. Three Shen scalp points

4. Practical specifics: benefits, contraindications, general rules, treatment timelines, short and long-term effects of treatments, etc.

5. A complete topical Chinese herbal treatment protocol, featuring natural creams, 5 Element Planetary essential oils, hydrosols, jade rollers, etc.

Ms. Wakefield will provide a demonstration of the entire treatment protocol for the participants, who will practice these techniques.

Illinois had a beautiful Reconnect Walk, which is our 7th annual walk we have had. 

I have attached the photos from the event.

Upcoming activity in Maine includes:

10/19-20: Henry McCann teaching  Tung's Acupuncture for Pain Management  in Portland, ME (see attached flyer)

We are also underway preparing for a statewide observance by licensed acupuncturists of  Acupuncture Day on 10/24 , encouraging practitioners to cease this day as an opportunity to educate, make connections and generally shine.

Among the ways chosen so far are: offering a community clinic, holding an open house, giving a talk at a local health center, offering discounts. More to follow.
The Acupuncture Society of Massachusetts held a successful annual meeting and day of learning with instructors Hillary Thing, LAc and Amy Moll, DAOM, LAc. Over 75 participants attended. Thank you to all of our vendors who support our events and our practices. 

The DOI, Division of Insurance in MA recently provided regulations pursuant to Governor Baker’s opioid bill. All commercial insurance in Massachusetts must provide at least two non-opioid medication options and at least three non-pharmacological treatments for pain.

We are thrilled with this outcome because originally there were only two non-pharmacological treatments for pain included in the bill. We are hoping that acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage will be specifically included. Senate Bill 604, an Act relative to removing barriers to non-opioid pain management sponsored by Senator Keenan includes this language as part of his opioid crisis bill. 

If you live in Massachusetts, please contact your state representative and state legislator and ask them to support S604! 
TCM’s Essential Role in Solving the Lyme Epidemic

with Hillary Thing, L.Ac.

October 19, 2019 10:00-5:00 6 NCCAOM PDA (pending)

Bluhen Botanicals: 111 E Jackson Ave #103, Knoxville, TN 37915

Lyme and similar entrenched infections are rapidly on the rise across the US. Antibiotics remain the go-to medical solution, yet there are many reasons why they do not result in a return to health. This talk will explore the central role that Chinese medicine practitioners can (and indeed must!) play in the proper diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and Lyme-like illness.

You will learn:

● How to make an accurate clinical diagnosis of Lyme-borreliosis;
● What Lyme labs mean (and what they don’t);
● How to navigate and support your patients through the Lyme treatment maze from start to finish;
● The essentials of a comprehensive natural treatment approach;
● Case-based sample protocols including acu-moxa, herbal, functional medicine, and liposomal essential oil treatments.

About Hillary: Hillary Thing, LAc. is a holistic Lyme disease specialist with over two decades of clinical experience. She trains health professionals in holistic Lyme treatment via a year-long training, the Holistic Lyme Practitioner Mentorship. Hillary educates people worldwide via, and at scientific and holistic medical conferences throughout the US. She treats patients both in-person at Nourishing Life Health Center in Kingston, NY and internationally via telemedicine.

Cost: Register by October 10: Late registration fee: $40. (Refund Policy: No refunds accepted)

Early Registration Fee (Through: September 30): $150
TAC/ASA Members: $150
Non-Members: $180
Students: $95

Contact: Sarah Prater, LAc. with any questions

Day Schedule:

10 :00– 11:30: Intro to the treatment of Lyme with Chinese Medicine Epidemiology and transmission Lyme-Borreliosis and co-infection diagnosis and clinical presentations

11:45 – 1:00: Treatment of Acute Lyme Disease Recurrence and the Roadblocks to Recovery (why some patients don’t get better)

1:00 – 2:00: Lunch

2:00 – 3:15: A multi-pronged strategic approach to holistic Lyme treatment Case study 1

3:30 – 4:30: Creating a container for successful holistic Lyme treatment Case study 2
Leadership in our communities

4:30 – 5:00: Q&A
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There are many avenues to being involved with the American Society of Acupuncturists. To enjoy the full benefits of membership, we encourage Licensed Acupuncturists to join their state association that is a member of ASA. You are considered a member of the ASA at no additional charge. State Associations that are currently members of ASA can be found here . State associations who are interested in membership with ASA may contact our Board Secretary LiMing Tseng at .

Other Ways to Be Involved:

Licensed Practitioners and Acupuncture Students who are unaffiliated with state associations may receive information about the state and federal regulatory and legislative environments, along with newsworthy announcements about the acupuncture industry by becoming an Associate of the ASA. Options for sitting on the Council, serving on Committees, or voting are not included in this option. For more information, please contact ASA Board Member Dr. Christine Cronin, DAOM, L.Ac at . You may also sign up to receive information directly at

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