Our membership is quickly growing, and we wanted to take a few minutes each Friday to celebrate those great companies that make up our association, and share contacts and company bios - because T hat's G reat I n F o !
Casey Wenzel & Heather Osborn
10876 Hillpoint
San Antonio, TX 78217-2866
O: 210.657.4437
F: 210.657.0012
Member since 2010
How long have you been in business?
1996, though our SA branch opened 2012
What are the primary trades of your company?
We specialize in temp-to-perm placement and payrolling for most skilled and semi-skilled commercial construction trades.. Though carpenters, drywall hangers, painters, waterproofers, and sheet metal workers are some of our cornerstones
Why have you stayed loyal members of ASA?
Many of our biggest and longest standing customers are subcontractors, so it's a great way to stay connected, and of course anything we can do to help further the interests of turnkey subs will have positive downstream effect for our business.
What is your favorite ASA Event?
Casey: "Subfest- who DOESN'T enjoy BBQ and beer?!?!"
Heather: "The Pour-Off Event in September!  MEMCO has won in salsa two years in a row - and we're already making space for the trophy again this year!"