Our membership is quickly growing, and we wanted to take a few minutes each Friday to celebrate those great companies that make up our association, and share contacts and company bios - because T hat's G reat I n F o !
Gardner Law
Gardner Law Firm
Bethany Thompson
745 East Mulberry Avenue, Ste 500
San Antonio, TX 78212-3137
O: 210.733.8191
F: 210.733.5538
ASA Member since 1996
It is important to us to build relationships with our clients and tailor our services to their particular needs and goals. We thoroughly enjoy what we do in helping our clients and try to have a healthy balance of taking their matters very seriously, while remembering not to take ourselves too seriously.
How long have you been in business?
Since 1972 (46 years)
What are the primary trades of your company?
Law practice with a particular focus on construction and collections law, corporate law, employment law, and succession/estate planning.
Why have you stayed loyal members of ASA?
ASA consistently provides education, resources, and comradery for its subcontractor members that we find to be valuable and worthwhile.
What is your favorite ASA Event?
The fishing tournament!! It's great to get out of town and spend some time outside and on the water. We thoroughly enjoy the time with our clients.