Our membership is quickly growing, and we wanted to take a few minutes each Friday to celebrate those great companies that make up our association, and share contacts and company bios - because T hat's G reat I n F o !
Dumas Hardware
Mr. Greg Kanning
10763 Sentinel
San Antonio, TX 78217-3813
O: 210.655.0061
F: 210.655.5710
ASA Member since 1996
How long have you been in business?
We have been in business for 72 years. Since 1946.
What are the primary trades of your company?
Our primary trade is commercial doors and hardware. We fabricate, sale and install metal doors, frames and windows we also fabricate, sale and install wood doors and plastic laminate doors. We provide and install interior aluminum frames and windows. We provide and install all hardware for these openings, (hinges, locks, closers, panic devices, etc.).
Why have you stayed loyal members of ASA?
We believe in the message and support ASA provides, education, government advocacy, training and networking. We love the fact that ASA is a close knit group of the best subcontractors, suppliers and associates in the San Antonio area. ASA does a lot of good for a lot of people and we have fun doing it.

What is your favorite ASA Event?
Favorite ASA event is the fishing tournament. I co-founded this event, so I have always treated it as my little baby and I have enjoyed seeing the event grow to what it is today. It is a whole weekend of a lot of fun, fishing and socializing. I encourage everyone to come to the fishing tournament as an angler or just as a participant. I guarantee you will be HOOKED.