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Tell Governor Newsom to Sign the 5% Retention Cap Bill (AB2173) Today!

ASAC Members,

We are happy to announce that ASAC affiliate associations NCGMA and NCPFC represented under the Northern California Allied Trades sponsored the 5% Retention Cap Bill,” AB 2173 (Petrie-Norris), supported by ASAC, has made it through the legislative process and now awaits action by Governor Newsom. AB 2173 removes the sunset clause within the current 5% retention cap statute pertaining to public works projects. If signed by the Governor, the measure will place the 5% public works retention cap policy into California law for perpetuity.


We are urging all of our members and affiliate association members to use this grassroots advocacy page to send a pre-formulated email to Governor Newsom asking that he sign AB 2173.  The Governor will be taking action on AB 2173 very soon, so please use the link below to send your email today!


Please share this far and wide!


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