Join us for the first exhibitions in the newly-renovated Wells Community Cultural Center! TAF's three galleries will feature the work of After School Arts Program students, local photographer Sara Poer, and assemblage artist Doug Calisch. The exhibition's reception will take place on May 17, 6 - 9 pm, in conjunction with May Gallery Walk and TAF's Homecoming Celebration!
Luminous Flux by Sara Poer
In this work, Poer uses the alternative photographic process of lumen printing to showcase the various light and chemical reactions that take place on silver gelatin paper. "Lumen" is a unit of measurement of luminous flux, or the total quantity of visible light. The resulting imagery becomes both scientific and artistic at the same time. Each print seems otherworldly and mystical; often the plants have a colored aura around them that seems to represent the possibility of life within; as if life itself is captured in the chemistry. This work invites you to see the possibilities of the medium of photography by stretching the perceptions of the materials. Some of the prints are preserved and fixed in time while others are lost or transformed by the sun's power. What are we losing as the planet warms? How can we broaden our views to fix the planet?
In Plain Sight: Works by Doug Calisch
Doug Calisch's creative process involves collecting, modifying, documenting, and assembling found materials. By composing with these rescued materials, he allows layers of association and metaphor to emerge, motifs to develop, and narratives to be created. That each collected article shows signs of natural wear or past human activity intrigues Calisch. He suggests the assemblages have an expansive history beyond his involvement with the materials. The work becomes collaborative, combining his actions with previous acts. Within this context, Calisch strives for a balance between preserving an object’s history and creating new ways of looking at and thinking about these objects. Beyond the formal considerations of composition, color, texture, and craft-- found-object assemblage allows each of us to consider our own relationships to the objects.
About the Tippecanoe Arts Federation
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