ASCCA What You Need To Know October 31, 2016
Countertop Display Contest Ends Tonight at Midnight!
Today is the final day to send in your Countertop Display Contest photos! 
SoCal is still leading over NorCal, but NorCal is making a push for the win with 3 new entries since Thursday. As of October 31st at Noon, the score is 98 from SoCal vs 92 from NorCal.
There are still bonus point opportunities for i ncluding last year's display and/or  featuring the ASCCA Code of Ethics in the photo.
Send more entries today to Ryan at
Here we have a 2 point entry from Orinda Motors in Orinda.
REMINDER- The Contest Ends Tonight (Oct.31) at Midnight!
Herschel Elkins, who created the Bureau of Automotive Repair, dies at 87
TAlways known as more of an activist than a bureaucrat, Herschel Elkins, who fought for more than 40 years to protect consumers from illegal business practices, passed away on October 7. His work as an attorney spanned decades as he served nine attorney generals from 1956 to 2006 and represented the office in more than 150 cases. Elkins most notably helped write the Lemon Law, giving car buyers recourse if the automobile they purchased was defective, and created the Bureau of Automotive Repair to keep mechanics honest.
BAR Advisory Group Meeting & Workshops - 10/20/16
Below is a link to a summary of the BAG meeting and the afternoon workshops held in Sacramento. Tracy Renee also attended and participated.
State Legislative Bill Report - 10/24/16
Below  is a link to the final bill report for the 2014-16 legislative sessions for GovComm meeting. 
The State Legislative Bill Report details various bills that ASCCA is tracking.
Calif. BAR requires disclosure of aftermarket windshields, usage of adhesives, glass to OEM specs
We recently sent out the new regulation on windshield installments and wanted to share this article with you from Repair Driven News.
ASCCA 2017 Raffle Sponsored by AESWave
We are excited to announce an ASCCA raffle sponsored by AESWave!
The prize is a 4-channel PicoScope Starter Diagnostic Kit (Foam) (retail price $1,705.00) & Pico 3 axis NVH Accelerometer Kit with Microphone in Foam (retail price $819.00).
Tickets are $25, and the drawing will take place at a Team Weekend on February 25, 2017 (you do not need to be present to win).
Proceeds will benefit ASCCA & Your Local Chapters ($5 of every ticket sold will go to your local chapter).
ASCCA's November Team Weekend - November 12-13
Come and join the ASCCA at the November Team Weekend in Sacramento.
November 12-13, 2016
Embassy Suites Sacramento
Central Pacific and River City Ballrooms
100 Capitol Mall
Sacramento, CA 95814
Featured Remarkable Results Radio Podcast - Ron Haugen
Meet Ron Haugen 'The Car Guy!' ... that is his moniker at Westside Auto Pros in DE Moines, IA.
Ever found yourself without a job because a convenience store chain purchased the land of the shop you were working at and were faced with getting a new job within five weeks? Did you ever do the next best thing? Go into business for yourself? As Ron says ... it's always a great time to go into business for yourself ... when you don't know anything about business!
AESWave Special Promotional Offer - Exclusively for ASCCA
AESWave is offering a special discount to ASCCA Members on their  diagnostic tools that includes:

4-channel PicoScope Starter Diagnostic Kit (Foam)
(retail price $1,705.00) &  Pico 3 axis NVH Accelerometer Kit with Microphone in Foam
(retail price $819.00)

Note: This is the same package featured in the ASCCA raffle
Promotional price $1,800
You save - $724!

* This is a pre-order and the sale price is contingent on a minimum of six members participating in the promotional offer before 2/28/17
(Your payment will not be processed until six members have participated.)

Click here for more information and to place your pre-order!
ASCCA recently announced its newest corporate sponsorship with Shop-Ware Inc., an innovative company that delivers cutting-edge shop management software. The shop management software promotes business wellness and maximizes productivity by casting traditional best practices in paperless, cloud-based applications. Founder Carolyn Coquillette, an ASCCA member and owner of Luscious Garage in San Francisco, is assisted by Chip Keen, former owner of Hansville Repair and founder/developer of Garage Operator.
Check out their shop management software that meets cutting-edge web technology by visiting As a member benefit, all ASCCA members would receive their PRO plan at the SMS price for the first 6 months, saving you $900! Don't let this special offer pass you by.
Save up to 55% off hotels - Exclusively for ASCCA
Now that it's Fall, there's no better time to get the best deals on hotels, available just for members of ASCCA. We've partnered with HotelStorm to offer our members exclusive savings on hotels, continuing all season long. Whether you're planning to book Thanksgiving accommodations or traveling out-of-state to watch the leaves change with loved ones, you'll always get the best rates. Use password Auto1234 to unlock savings.
Click here to visit HotelStorm.
New ASCCA Member Benefit - HR 360
HR 360 is free to any member who wishes to use it.  The program is offered via CoreMark, our ASCCA endorsed health benefits provider. 
In order to access this free benefit, ASCCA members need to contact Mat Nabity directly:
Mat Nabity
Click here to view the flyer with more information.
Each One Reach One: ASCCA 2016 Membership Drive with Contest and Raffle!
As a member of ASCCA, you understand the importance of strength in numbers. It's what helps ASCCA achieve its core purpose of elevating and uniting automotive professionals, and giving them voice .
Each year, thousands of new bills are introduced in Sacramento, many of which will impact small business owners. Thanks in large part to members like you, we've helped forge important relationships with state policymakers, regulators, and other industry professionals. Leveraging these relationships, ASCCA has been able to weigh in on important legislative discussions in Sacramento that would directly affect your business and your bottom line. But we still need your help!
Click here to read the complete Each One Reach One flyer.
Visit the ASCCA Member Resources page for more information including talking points on recent ASCCA achievements  which can be used as a leave-behind for new member recruitment.
Office Depot Deals Available Exclusively to ASCCA Members
ASCCA has worked with Office Depot to secure pricing so good that it rivals Fortune 500 pricing on each and every item that you purchase. If you haven't already, contact  Bill Lewis , the ASCCA's Business Account Manager:
855.337.6811 x 16116
Upcoming ASCCA Chapter Events
November 1:  Chapter  5 Meeting

Member Discount Alert! ASCCA Partners with Educational Seminars Institute (ESi) Again in 2016 for Discounted Courses

Seminar courses are normally $149.95. ASCCA members pay only $95 per attendee -- a savings of almost $55 per class! Service writer courses are normally $1,500. ASCCA members pay only $950 per attendee!


Click here to take advantage of this offer


iATN Discounts Available to ASCCA Members

The International Automotive Technicians Network (iATN) is the world's first and largest online network of automotive service industry professionals. Since 1995, iATN has been providing outstanding service industry resources to members worldwide. ASCCA members can enjoy a $9-per-month discount off of the regular price of iATN Business+ premium membership, at $45-per-month.  This membership provides your shop with up to 5 premium access accounts.

Link to iATN's website


ASCCA Member Resources
Are you taking full advantage of your membership in the ASCCA? Check out our Member Resources page to see the many benefits of being a member.
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