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New Titles for Education Excellence
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Solving the Homework Problem by Flipping the Learning
By Jonathan Bergmann

Bestselling Flip Your Classroom author and educator Jonathan Bergmann shows readers how to move beyond a conceptual understanding of flipped learning to actual implementation, with a focus on student homework. This short book addresses challenges, possibilities, and success stories and gives readers the strategies they need to make the best use of homework and in-class instructional time.

ISBN: 9781416623724
Publication Date: April 2017

World Rights Available
Teaching in the Fast Lane
How to Create Active Learning Experiences
By Suzy Pepper Rollins

The active classroom is about creating learning experiences differently so that students engage in exploration of the content and take responsibility for their own learning. This book details how to design, manage, and maintain an active classroom that balances autonomy and structure. It offers student-centered, practical strategies on sorting, station teaching, and cooperative learning that will help teachers build on students' intellectual curiosity, self-efficacy, and sense of purpose.

ISBN: 9781416623380
Publication Date: April 2017

World Rights Available
The Perfect Assessment System
By Rick Stiggins

Speaking from more than 40 years of experience in the field--and speaking for all learners who hope to succeed, the teachers who want them to succeed, and the local school leaders whose aspirations for success have been thwarted by assessment traditions--Stiggins maps out the adjustments in practice and culture necessary to generate both accurate accountability data and the specific evidence of individual mastery that will support sound instructional decision making and better learning in the classroom.
ISBN: 9781416623816
Publication Date: March 2017

World Rights Available
Unpacking Fractions
Classroom-Tested Strategies to Build Students' Mathematical Understanding
By Monica Neagoy

Fractions are fundamental to school math and daily life. For years, teaching fractions has been associated with rote memorization. But this mechanical approach to instruction has resulted in a failure of understanding. This book draws on decades of research and teacher practice to address seven big ideas in teaching fractions in grades 2-6. Each idea includes a vignette from a real classroom, common misconceptions, a thorough unpacking of productive mathematical thinking, and many thought-provoking, multi-step problems.
ISBN: 9781416623427
Publication Date: March 2017