January 2019

Volume 34, Issue 4
Akron-Canton Section Newsletter
Can I ask for your help on something? In the Spectrum of Performance, which ranges from Complete Failure (1) to Extreme Success (10), I have a lot of things that I'm trying to get past the halfway mark. There is one thing in particular that's been solidly lodged in the 2 Spot for a long time. Let me explain. 
At least a decade ago, in response to some sort of energizing-intentioned email while in whatever ASCE role I embraced at the time, Mike Cook responded "You can't spell ReneĆ© S. Carter without ASCE!" I think it was a comment on my inability to be a normal person and just be cool about things. I'm not cool. I don't do things lightly, I can't leave well enough alone, and I've never balanced my passions appropriately a single day in my life. 
I've had the pleasure of serving through many positions in ASCE in the University of Akron Student Chapter, our Akron-Canton Section, and the National Society. But there is one I can't quite get the hang of and I have failed in it the entire time I've had it: Akron-Canton Section Public Relations Chair. I can count on three fingers in the years of Board of Directors meetings when I had something to report beyond "No News is Good News." 
I can do better than that. We could have reached out to the Beacon Journal to discuss the East Avenue bridge that was hit by a truck, yet is still standing. We could do a better job of reaching our elected officials to weigh in on legislature, such as Senate Bill 255 which threatens P.E. Licensure requirements in the state Ohio. We could exhibit the profession to the public a little better during Engineer's Week. I'm sure you know of other opportunities to enhance our public relations and reputation. 

Will you forward those opportunities to us as you come across them? The Board of Directors can then discuss, consult the Society level public relations mission, and formulate a response or course of action. By doing this, we can be further entrusted by our society to create a sustainable world and enhance the global quality of life. That is our Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025, after all. 

January Section Meeting
Thursday, January 24

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The University of Akron Student Chapter of ASCE will be hosting the Ohio Valley Student Conference in April! Please watch for more information regarding the conference events and help support our future civil engineers!

The conference will be in need of members to serve as judges for the Concrete Canoe, Steel Bridge, and other side competitions. More information will be upcoming for how you can be of assistance.
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The Geauga County Engineer has current openings for 2-3 entry-level Engineer I positions. More information is available at   https://www.co.geauga.oh.us/Departments/Engineers-Office/Employment
Applications and resumes should be sent to gcejobs@co.geauga.oh.us.  
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