November 2018

Volume 34, Issue 2
Akron-Canton Section Newsletter
In rugby strategy, we say "control the controllables". We can't control the weather, the talent the other team puts on the pitch, or if our teammates are having a good day. We can control our game readiness, our play structure, and our recovery when we make mistakes.

When it comes to the safety, health, and welfare of the public, Civil Engineers also have a similar strategy. We can't control the growing population, the climate, or the economy, but we can control the safety of our designs, the impact our infrastructure has on the health of the community, and the welfare of the people we directly serve. Our ability to control these things - in fact, the duty that we shall - is stated in the very first statement in our code of ethics: "Engineers shall hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public."

There is another thing we can control and it is often called our Civic Duty. November 6 is the day we vote, but you don't have to wait until then. Last week, I just walked right over to the Summit County Board of Elections building, filled out two simple forms, and then completed my ballot just like I would on voting day. I would say that it probably took a few minutes longer than when I normally vote at my local polling place, but not having to carve out the time to do so on the specified day was well worth it. Even though I am just one vote, I seized the opportunity to impact the selections of our government and other leaders.

I presume civil engineers are diligent voters because civil engineering and our civic duty are two sides of the same coin. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, "civic" and "civil" have the same etymology. They come from the latin word "civis" which means "citizen". Civic Duty is our responsibility as citizens. Civil Engineering is our responsibility to citizens.

I don't know if that's news you can use, but it seemed fitting for this column at this time.
Here is some news you can use.

The Cleveland Section and the Akron-Canton Section traditionally hold a joint meeting each November. This year is our turn to host. The location (Sleepy Hollow Golf Course) has served us well in the past and is approximately mid-way between the two sections. We hope you'll find the topic (Portage Lakes Dams project) and speaker (Pete Nix, P.E.) interesting and relevant.

As you scroll through this newsletter, you will see other upcoming events as well, such as our next Workshop, the December professional meeting, and the Younger Member Group sponsored Food Drive competition. There is so much more to come this program year. I hope you're ready for it!
November Section Meeting
Thursday, November 15
at Sleepy Hollow
Please join us at our annual joint meeting with the Cleveland Section to hear Pete Nix, Sr. Program Manager at TetraTech speak on the Portage Lakes Dam Construction
5:00 p.m. Social Hour - 5:45 p.m. Dinner - 6:30 p.m. Presentation
$32 Members and Guests -  $15 Students

Professional Development Workshop
Thursday, November 8
at the University of Akron

ASCE Akron-Canton Section 2018-19 Officers

The new slate of officers for the 2018-19 program year was installed at the Past Presidents' event on September 20. Your Board of Direction for this year includes (L-R): Treasurer Ted Howard, Secretary Judy Bennett, Vice President Ruth Klee, and President Renee Whittenberger. The Board of Direction also includes 1st Past President Gregg Loesch and 2nd Past President Ken Kostura. Thank you all for volunteering to serve our section and our area to promote civil engineering!
Save the Date!
December Section Meeting
Thursday, December 13 at Firestone Country Club
Our December luncheon will feature speakers from ODOT Districts 4 and 11. Bob Rosen and Tom Powell (ODOT District 4) and Tom Bolte (B&N) will give a presentation on the Akron Central Interchange Project.  The project addresses the left-hand exits at the Central Interchange in Akron. Reconstruction of the ramps will address poor bridge conditions and substandard ramp geometrics. This work will impact 5 bridges at the interchange as well as pavement replacement on the West (I-76) and South (I-77) legs of the interchange. The total cost for the project is $150 million.

Also featured will be the District Deputy Directors and Capital Programs Administrators from Districts 4 and 11.  John Picuri, PE & Gery Noirot, PE (ODOT District 4); Roxanne Kane, PE & Nick Susich, PE (ODOT District 11) will provide an update on upcoming design and construction projects.

Reservations are being accepted now through December 7.

Akron-Canton Food & Funds Drive Competition
   Ryan Mastowski                           
As  my first official duty as a co-leader of the Younger Member Group for the Akron-Canton Section of ASCE, I am excited to officially kick off our First Annual Food and Funds Drive. The section has partnered with the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank , whose efforts help feed over a q uarter million people in our local communities every year. Each com pany that would like to participate in the Drive should contact our representative at the Food Bank, Sara Myers ( , 330.436.3175 (direct)) to schedule a drop bin/barrel drop off at your office. The food drive was officially kicked off at the October meeting so those in attendance have a head start, but there is plenty of time to catch up! The drive will run until the last full week in November. Once you schedule your Bin Drop off, please also coordinate with Sara for a pickup during that week. The Food Bank will tally up all of the monetary and food donations they receive from each company and will report back to the Younger Member Group on the equivalent meals donated per company. We will then divide the number of meals by the number of employees in your office to determine our winner of the drive; however the true winner will be the members of our community that the Food Bank will be able to help   with our collective donations. If you would like any additional information on the competition, please contact us ( ). 

If you would like additional information on the food bank and other ways to help, please discuss with Sara and visit their website for more details.
As this is a younger member organized event, we would like to have our younger members in each of your offices take point on running the program! Let's get that youthful energy to good use!
University of Akron
Student Chapter News
The University of Akron Student Chapter of ASCE recently had the opportunity to tour Lindsay Precast's facilities. Eight student members attended the tour, which gave them a better understanding of the many uses of reinforced precast concrete in the construction industry. Not only did they learn about water and sanitary sewer structures, but they learned how to produce concrete based on design specifications, which will come in handy for members of the concrete canoe team!

Cuyahoga River Water Trail                  
Did you know there are ongoing efforts to designate the Cuyahoga River as part of the Ohio Water Trails Program? Once famous for catching fire due to polluted water, the Cuyahoga River is a shining example of efforts to clean up America's waterways. 

The Cuyahoga River Water Trail Partners have a mission to improve and promote public access to, and use of, the Cuyahoga River Water Trail as a valuable resource for low-impact recreation, economic development, and tourism; and to support and enhance river appreciation, conservation, and stewardship.

A series of public open houses were planned to provide more information and seek public support for the planned five CRWT segments that each offer different paddling experiences. Lend your voice to show support for why we do, what we do!
Teaching Opportunity                                     
The University of Mount Union is looking to hire an adjunct professor for the winter term to teach a junior level water resources engineering course in our civil engineering program. The course covers hydraulics, hydrology, and open channel flow topics using 4 credit hours of lecture and 2 credit hours of lab time per week. The successful candidate needs to hold a MS degree in Civil Engineering or a closely related field. Compensation for this six-credit hour course (4+2) would be $5,100.
Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Dr. Hans Tritico at 330-829-4132 (
Job Postings!

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The ASCE Akron-Canton Section website posts career opportunities in our area which may interest you. We provide this page free of charge to local employers. No postings will be accepted by recruiting or headhunter services. Check back regularly for updates. 

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