October 2018

Volume 34, Issue 1
Akron-Canton Section Newsletter
I don't know about you, but I am a civil engineer because - cliché as it is - I want to change the world. I am thrilled that not only is that happening in my 8-to-5, but I am doubling up on it after hours. And you're helping! Let me explain.

This summer, I got my ASCE ducks in a row. I invited committee chairpeople to continue serving the Section in their roles. I added some new chairpeople to the mix. We have two new executive officers rounding out our experienced board - Judy Bennett (AECOM) at Secretary and Ted Howard (PS Construction Fabrics) at Treasurer. Together, this group will embody the following Society Mission: Deliver value to our members, advance civil engineering, and protect the public health, safety, and welfare.

Did you notice the order of words in that Mission statement? It is intentional. ASCE believes that we will effectively protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public by advancing civil engineering, which will be done by first delivering value to our members.  That's You. First!

You'll see this mission play out as we continue to make ASCE more beneficial to our Members. The lion's share of that effort is through our Professional Meetings. Whether it is the PDHs, the networking with clients, the stay-in-the-know factor, or even the food and drink, we know you attend for different reasons. Almost all of these meetings will happen on the third Thursday of the month and we'll vary the times and venues to accommodate as many people as possible.  But that's not all! We will also support:
  • A Younger Member Group revival with four to five planned events this program year
  • The University of Akron ASCE Student Chapter as they host the Ohio Valley Student Conference in April 2019
  • Continued outreach through youth programs such as judging and providing awards at science fairs
  • Our ASCE Ohio Council as they produce an Ohio Infrastructure Report Card
  • The Sponsors that help us lower individual ticket prices for professional meetings
  • And more!
We hope you'll take us up on this offer. Attend a meeting, participate on a committee, and spend some time with us. You won't regret it.

October Section Meeting
Thursday, October 18
at Quaker Station

ASCE Akron-Canton Section
FY 2019 Budget

November Section Meeting
University of Akron
Student Chapter News
The University of Akron Student Chapter of ASCE has the Fall semester packed with activities. Here are just a few of the events they have already participated in and have planned:

Sept. 18 & Sept. 27 - Melt Fundraiser
Sept. 28 - Adopt A Highway Cleanup
Oct. 1 - Resume Workshop
Oct. 6 & Oct. 27 - Zipfest Football Game Volunteering
Oct. 18 - Hosting the ASCE Student/Parent Chapter Meeting
Oct. 26 - Make a Difference Day

Our University of Akron Student Chapter is strong and is dedicated to making a difference in our engineering community!
Job Postings!

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The ASCE Akron-Canton Section website posts career opportunities in our area which may interest you. We provide this page free of charge to local employers. No postings will be accepted by recruiting or headhunter services. Check back regularly for updates. 

PDH Documentation
Did you attend a recent section meeting and need documentation for proof of attendance for tracking PDH's? Visit the  Resources  page on our Section's website  to find meeting attendance records.

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Board of Direction, Committee Chairs, and University of Akron Student Chapter Officers


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October Section Meeting
FY 2019 Budget
November Section Meeting
Student Chapter News
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Akron-Canton Section
Board of Direction

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Section Meeting

November 15 , 2018

Upcoming Board of Direction Meeting

October 22, 2018

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